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ReinCraft:: Attack Of The B-Team server:: Whitelisted

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I am hosting an attack of the b-team server and am looking for more people. The server started a few days ago and things are going great. We are just looking for a few more players.





Best minecraft talent:


Anything else:

Those who are accepted will receive a request on Skype.

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IGN: MiningKK
Skype: kapri.mclean
Youtube: TheMiningKK (Don't post anything unless I need to)
Best minecraft talent: I would say my best Minecraft talent is building. I love to build and also practice the art of Witchery if ya know what I mean ;)
Age: I am currently 15 years old
Anything else: Not really anything else that you would need to know, if you have any questions just talk to me over skype or in-game. Also if I do not answer over skype please send it to my inbox here at the forums.



Thanks for reading!



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IGN: Crazypkr1099
Skype: (I will announce if I am whitelisted due to privacy)
Youtube: I do not have a youtube channel. Although, I am a great user and would love to play in the community.
Best minecraft talent: Building complicated buildings and using thermal expansion to the best of my ability
Age: 16
Anything else: I would love to join this server. I believe that they may be a starting of an amazing community. Please consider me as being able to join your server.

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Hi,I am.
IGN : SwitzzerS.
Age : 15 (Mature).
Reason : Single player isn't that fun, as there is no competition. This modpack is just so easy (ex: diamonds are found at y level 54),And I would like to have some fun in multiplayer where there is someone to chat with.
Favorite mod: Tinkers' construct.
Mod experience: not so much with the mechanical stuff.But (I do use it,not a lot though), with things like drops or natural spawns I got it all in mind . I also love building which this modpack enhances a lot by the use of mr.crayfish's furniture and micro blocks.
Skype : ali.mohamed22696 (picture is a guy holding a water gun : graves if you are familiar with league of legends).
I do have a nice broad band connection (P.S I live in Egypt so any european area is fine by me,NA is cool but not so good  :D)
Youtube : Switzifier , I was willing to record some stuff but the vacation ended. :D I am willing to record .

Best minecraft talent: setting redstone (P.s I am a total noob) but I like the challenge

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Hi I'm Prabhjot!

IGN: None
Skype: PrabhjotTHE3V1L
Youtube: PrabhjotTHE3V1Lgamer
Best minecraft talent: Exploring and fighting as well as starting farms and surviving, somewhat good at base building and raiding. 

Mod experience: Quite experienced not so on the technical side really but I got as far as building a alpha titan and a floating base as well as a hidden base and really good at morphing and using it to my advantage.

Age: 15 nearly 16
Anything else: Really loving attack of the B-team and it is really meant for multiplayer, singleplayer isn't fun enough, too easy since resources are everywhere and no competition, so I want to get on a server with a few people who aren't just all straight up annoying and trying to kill you like most other servers and I pretty much want to get a base set up without it getting griefed instantly. :) Would be willing to record this.

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IGN: Prof_Rokstarr


Skype: rokstarr.gaming 


Youtube: Rokstarr Minecraft


Best Minecraft Talent: Creativity, not in building though. Like creative ideas on how to hide your base.


Age: 13


Not much more really. Single player is getting boring with no competition.  Thank you in advance.

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IGN: Skism515
Skype: Skism515
Youtube:xDiluted (I dont post videos.)
Best minecraft talent: Building or exploring. I love this modpack because of all the building options.
Anything else: Looking forward to community projects and becoming a community!

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Skype: tyjae26
Youtube: I dont have a youtube account :L
Best minecraft talent: Building bases, Exploring and helping people out. Good with mods so most of the mods are familiar.
Age: 15
Anything else: I want to help new comers, accomplish things that I never done before and just have fun with other people.

Thanks for your time!!

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IGN: mcferry

Skype: Im afraid I have none.

Youtube: Same as skype, I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Best minecraft talent: I have some skill in decoration and building but I am a master at crafting and gathering parts a.k.a my main mod is tconstruct.

Age: 15

Anything else: I want to join a real ABT server and get the full experience out of the modpack

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IGN: eladd
Skype: NONE[why] for several reasons[one of them is it wont download]

Raidcall:danisaiah[why] its the only thing i can think of[also my bros using that][WARNING A LOT OF RUSSIAN GROUPS X-X]
Youtube: None[sorry 3:]
Best minecraft talent:building mega towers,helping people out,Making pvp maps[using flan's mod][i'll tell you how to use it when i get on ok]
Age:16 mature
Anything else: '> awesome at building pvp maps


this is what happens when you close the server


'> the flags turn into american flags[from galactic-craft]

i like to make sure the server owners get some donations for the server :D



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IGN: Notme96

Skype: llamas.0 (i don't use skype often)

Youtube: TheNotme96 (I dont make any videos)

Best minecraft talent: I tinker with many mods but i love mixing everything... i build and survive and everything else

Age: 17

Anything else: I want to join a real ABT server

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IGN: sckeetmore
Skype :skeetywheat
Best minecraft talent: mining and creating things
Age: 25
Anything else: um i played a lot of feed the beast until this mod pack came out i really enjoy it but i am getting sick of playing in single player mode and would love to find a good community to play with to help out or get receive help on things thanks for taking the time to look over this really hope to hear back from you 

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Youtube:don't have one
Best minecraft talent:Massive redstone machines (such as the fridge trap)
Age:15 close to 16
Anything else:i like to just build random redstone contraptions^^^^^^^^^^

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Youtube: Twsted Ghostman
Best minecraft talent: Building detailed structures and messing with mods
Age: 13
Anything else: I will most likely troll people if they become friends with me

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IGN: Lord_Veles
Skype: veleslek
Youtube: None
Best minecraft talent: Magictech Integration - Getting magic and technology to work hand in hand. Also, interior design.
Age: 18
Anything else: Not really anything else. If you wish, then you can ask me a few questions on my skype.
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IGN: maseroni
Skype: maseroni123
Youtube: none
Best minecraft talent: good at gathering stuff
Age: 14
Anything else: i like to build stuff that benifits the server and this application is for my whole team so if you whitlist me you get all of us there are only 3 iincluding me

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IGN: Jessnbuck31
Skype: Jessnbuck31
Youtube: Brokenangel1139
Best minecraft talent: Building and being very organized :), and having fun with other players
Age: 21
Anything else: I'm looking for a mature and fun server where I know can get to know the people who I play with.

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IGN: Kaboomx
Skype: Reviiloz
Youtube: I have one, but only use it to watch videos, i do not upload them.
Best minecraft talent: I can be good a building complex machines for like automisation of production and stuff like that.
Age: 18
Anything else: I want to join a server where i can have fun doing my own things and doing stuff with other people while not having to worry about your base being still intact when you come back on :)

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[email protected]

Yes and i want to join this server to start my series

I am good at building and starting shops 


I would love to join the server because i am ready to play this awesome mod pack with cool people and am interested in building my castle and shop and just want to enjoy a server in which i know my stuff wont be stolen



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