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Villagers and Emeralds


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Hi everyone


I appear to have tremendous problems to find emeralds in nature (I find tons of other stuff, of course).

Now I heard that it is possible to melt villagers in a tinkers construct melting pot.


However, I have questions and I was not able to find answers by using google, youtube or this forum. Hope you may be able to shed some light on this issue:

  1. Are there certain biomes which spawn emeralds in a decent number (I guess not, but I have to ask)
  2. How do I exactly melt the villagers? (I melted iron, then put a villager in the pot with the melted iron using my safari net (despawning the villager), but nothing happend)
    I was not able to find a youtube video or any "step by step" info about this...
  3. Once I manage to melt the villagers, how to I get the emeralds? I guess I get liquified emeralds that needs to be put somewhere to make emeralds or do I get a block of emerald

The breeding stuff is not important as of now, I will trying to use the MFR approach with the autospawner.


Thanks a lot for your help!

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You did the right thing dropping the villager in the smelter, as they take damage from whatever's in there they should produce emeralds.


You can use an emerald to make a gem cast which you can then fill with molten emerald.


Remember also if you find emerald in the world that if you pick it up with a silk touch pick and pulverize it you'll get two emerald instead of one.

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If the Villager you put into the smelter isn't trading for Emeralds or the trade is closed off they won't produce liquid emerald in the smelter.  I had that happen with a villager that closed off the Emerald trade.  Best bet is to just use the AutoSpawner.  The liquid emerald from a Villager is not very much.

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Hi StratusNightstar


I am sorry, but I am not quite understanding.

So far I gather that the AutoSpawner is being used to MAKE villagers which then are being melted down. However, if I read correctly there is a way to make emeralds by using AutoSpawner in itself?

Appreciated if you could be more specific.

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No, I'm pretty sure he meant to use the spawner to make villagers to melt down for emeralds, Roversword - the autospawner isn't capable of making anything that doesn't go into a safari net.  I think he was saying don't trade with them first as if they're not trading anymore they won't drop molten emerald when smelted (I didn't know about that before this thread and it sure does fit with your original problem of not getting any emeralds from smelting a villager).

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Thanks for the reply.

I read up to some threads (specially in Feed the Beast) which states that at some point melting the villagers was not possible (anymore).

Since my villagers seem not to take damage at all it appears I might have a different problem all together.

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1. As far as i know there isn't a biome that spawns more emeralds than others.

2. What should happen is you drop the villager in and he will take damage, when he dies you get 1/4 of a emerald.

3. If you have no emeralds wait until you can pour 9 liquefied emeralds in a casting basin. take the block get the nine emeralds and make a emerald mold with 1 aluminium brass or 2 gold (you do this by placing the emerald in a casting table and letting the liquid out onto it with a seared faucet.) and BOOM emeralds.

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