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Seared Tank glitching texture with Nvidia graphics


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           I am having an issue with my graphics card making the seared tanks and the casting basin texture flash. The lava inside the tank looks like it is trying to overlap the tank's texture. It flashes a lot when looking around. I couldn't find any fixes except playing the game with integrated graphics. The problem is the game runs so much better with my Nvidia card so I would like to find a solution. This is what it looks like:




Any help would be most appreciated. If more information is needed I will try to provide.

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Ok I see it is optifine, but I like to use it for the customization. Is there an option to fix it?

EDIT: I also know that this flashing doesn't show when I run minecraft with my integrated graphics. It is almost like Optifine and my Nvidia graphics card don't like each other.

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Optifine doesn't play nice with mods, unfortunately.


You can be lucky (like your integrated card), kinda lucky (like your nvidia card) and unlucky (doesn't work at all).


It's just skipped a step in drawing and is trying to draw both at the same time - whichever one finishes first gets drawn over, and it could be either of them (that's why you get flickering).

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You could try playing with optifine's settings, though I'm not sure whether the trick it's doing there will even be an option.  Short of that though, no, there's nothing else except getting rid of optifine or switching your card. (I guess you could try a different set of nvidia drivers?)


Edit: The optifine forums are worth a look, too - this is probably something they've seen before there.

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