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[Whitelisted]AoTB Server[16+][Small Friendly Community]

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Hello beautiful people!


I very recently started an attack of the b-team server and it turned out pretty good. We have a small community of active players going now and we are looking to expand that number. We ask that you be at least 16 years old, as we hope to maintain a mature community.
Our only rules are no griefing or PvP without consent. We expect our members to be respectful and friendly towards everyone else, and if rules are broken we have constant backups, and will ban immediately.
If you are looking for a small server without spam or grief then feel free to join us on our adventures. You would also be able to use the server for let’s plays or mod reviews. The server is online 24/7 and is hosted on a powerful computer with a good connection located in the Netherlands.
Most of the players live near timezone GMT, but we have players from Australia too.
:sax: If you are interested, please post with your real name, your skype username, and age. We will get back to you within a short period of time. Thanks!
*Everyone without a skype account, please make an account if possible. We will only accept people who can actively take part in our group
Hope to hear from you soon!  :drum:
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I'm 15 and I know you're looking for 16, but i'm not immature as far as i've been told.


My Skype name is Montyis1000 (or try maverickis1000 if that doesn't work)


my MC name is Montyis1000. so yeah


Maverick :)

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Ign: gopuri

skype: gopuri (impossible to guess.. i know... :P)

age: 22


When you say no pvp w/o consent, I do enjoy the occasional love tap fun :P  No killing or major dmg of course but having fun with the community is part of what i play for. So i hope that would be ok. If not I'll kindly take my leave.

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In game name : Boyandarrow

Skype : sensual_sandwich

Age : 16


Mature individual looking for a fun server to play on ! Good builder and very friendly ! :D

I never grief apart from the occasionnal all-in-good-fun prank, and never without consent, I make my living from making people smile :)

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IGN: My in game name is SQL_Dalle

Skype: Enter the email ([email protected])

Age: I'm currently 15 years of age.

Name: My name is Josh, nice to meet you!


Well, the public servers are too much, so many people making the servers lag and so many griefers. I need a small community to play with, one I can get to know and enjoy playing AoTB with.



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