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I can't play on my own server anymore!!!!


- I have had this 5-person basic hamachi server (I'm the owner) going for about a month and we have a ton of stuff. We went to the moon then wanted to start a space station... that was a mistake.

- I had the materials and pushed [send to Dimension]... 

- It auto-logs me off like a second later without showing an error on screen or in the server's error file.

- I didn't think much of it, so i go back in the menu and I log in again. It looks like its loading (and my friends said it read "armageddon has joined the lobby") then (when still in the menu) it glitches out and kicks me out to the Launch menu  :hchatter:  

- This keeps happening over and over when i try to join, and it'd be a HUGE disappointment if i couldn't play on MY server anymore! D:


What I've tried:

- Deleting DIM-SPACESTATION36 file in [world] ... didn't work

- Changed the memory storage (I have a fast laptop) i tried increasing it and decreasing it... didn't work

- Punching a wall... didn't work (i didn't punch a wall, but i feel like it!)


What I need from anyone:

- ANY SUGGESTION... I'll try them all :/

- How could I contact some Admin or someone who knows Tekkit servers REALLY well?

- Emotional and Moral support.

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While I don't know the cause of the issue, and have never had it myself, the reason for the crashing upon login is due to your character being physically located in a dimension that is somehow bugged. Deleting the dimension folder would only mean your character is now in a dimension that does not exist, and the only way to fix this would be teleporting your character out.


How to retrieve your character:


1) You can use MCEdit to move your players location to the overworld(there are many fantastic tutorials out there)

2) You can maybe use NBT editor to change your location in your servers player.dat file. (don't know if player location is stored here though)

3) You can promote a trustworthy friend to OP, and as soon as they see you come online, use:   /tp YOURNAME FRIENDSNAME

3a) They need to have the command pre-typed and ready to hit enter as soon as it says you're online, so the teleport happens before the server boots you again.


There are some other methods, 1 and 3 would be the easiest.

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could also be possible to just delete your player.dat file, you'll be at the spawn of the overworld and will lose all the stuff you had in your inventory, but if the suggested methods fail, this would be a possible 4th solution...


btw.: (always have a backup)

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