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My world doesn't want to load after I used Mr.Crayfish's furniture mod! Please HELP!

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So i placed down a bloodwood chair in my world. Immediately after i placed it it crashed, i got back on. Then every time i even LOOKED at it, it crashed!! So i avoided it. then i accidentally placed down a block next to it, so i mined it, it crashed....for the 8th time...i tried to get back on, but it refused to let me on! I tried restarting, quitting, shutting down my computer, and exiting the launcher! I looked on the forums ( '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> ) and all it said was to delete the item in the mod. I tried that, i got an error, i put it back, reloaded it, still didn't work. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is going on?!



    -Blockbrain98   :kiddo:

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