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Voltz Server WorldGuard help

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Ok, I am setting up a voltz server for me and my friends and I want to put Antimatter explosives/missiles and Red matter explosives/missiles on the WorldGuard blacklist, but I don't know what their 'Name' is to do that .


e.g. To deny lava buckets

[lavabucket] being the 'Name'.
Thanks in advance!
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Well this isnt the place to post worldguard issues but Ill help you out:


yes, you are right that [lavabucket] is the name


but there is something else you can do




So it would look like this


I do not know if it actually supports meta data but you can give it a shot or you can go into the config files and disable it completely
go to ./voltz/config
and there should be a file called ICBM.cfg open with a text editor like notepad or notepad++
find these line:
    B:"Allow antimatter Crafting"=true
    B:"Allow antimatter Missile Crafting"=true
    B:"Allow redMatter Crafting"=true
    B:"Allow redMatter Missile Crafting"=true
and set them all to false like this:
    B:"Allow antimatter Crafting"=false
    B:"Allow antimatter Missile Crafting"=false
    B:"Allow redMatter Crafting"=false
    B:"Allow redMatter Missile Crafting"=false
once that is done antimatter and redmatter will not be craftable
you might be asking what if people already have it?
then you can disable the explosions in the same config file:
so change:
    B:"Disable redMatter"=false
    B:"Disable antimatter"=false
into this:
    B:"Disable redMatter"=true
    B:"Disable antimatter"=true
This will disable crafting and the explosions for ALL redmatter and antimatter explosives/missiles
Sincerely Yours
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You can also use the config file to disable them I believe. (Sorry if you can't, I could be getting it confused with the 1.6.4 version, but I'm fairly certain you can). I believe you can also disable the explosion AND crafting for ultra safety :)


For editing config files:

Go the whatever folder the server is in and enter the file labeled "config"

Find the mod you want to edit (in this case look for "ICBM")

Change the config. In this case, it should somewhere say "enable antimatter crafting:true" change the true to false

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