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What should I do with gold/iron armor from grinder

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Hi guys.


What do you do with the huge amount of gold / leather / iron armor from zombies / skeletons?

It's bloating my ME network.

For now I'm sending them to a extra utilities trash can with a fuzzy export bus (durability below 50%) but isn't there a better way of handling it?


Is there any way to melt / convert them to something useful?


Also what to do with bows?

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Sometimes they drop with enchantments. You can leech those off with an MFR Disenchanter (and a supply of empty books to receive them). You could opt to manufacture Magical Wood that way, if it tickles your fancy.


Otherwise, a Trash Can seems a good option.

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You could always collect the armor pieces.  make a large castle.  build a long central hallway into said castle.  Line each side of the hallway with armor stands.  And use the armor pieces you get from the grinder to decorate these armor stands, giving your castle the feel of having an entire army garrisoned there.

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