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Blaze Powder production crashes game to launcher - is this a general problem? 1.2.9e


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So I'm playing a brand new world in a fresh install of 1.2.9e.


I'm playing in Peaceful mode so when the time comes to gather Blaze Powder I set up a Peaceful Table in the Nether.  I get everything set up, go away for a while and when I come back I find lots of drops but no Blaze Rods.  So I go hunting for Blaze Powder recipes through NEI and discover that one can combine Destabilized Redstone and Glowstone Dust in the Liquid Transposer to get Blaze Powder.


I liquefied some Redstone in Magma Crucible which then shipped it over to the Liquid Transposer inventory.  I added a single Glowstone Dust to the section that normally takes items that hold liquids and voila! Blaze Powder showed up in the output box - and the game immediately crashed.  I relaunched the game added another Glowstone Dust creating another Blaze Powder - and the game immediately crashed again.  So this time I thought I could create a work around and add a bunch of Glowstone Dusts at once and let the system create the Blaze Powders before crashing.




Now the game crashes upon opening my saved game.


My questions are - does anyone else have the same problem (or is this a known problem - I did a cursory search but couldn't find anything), do you know how to fix the problem so I can play my saved world and if this is indeed a repeatable problem to whom should I note the problem to?


Thank you whoever takes the time to respond.



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The Peaceful Table indeed needs to stand in a Nether Fortress to drop Blaze Rods.

As for the recipe, I have used it many times without issue. If you can reproduce the crash, it is probably time to take it to the issue tracker.

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@HeatHunter and @Curunir


Thank you both for your quick responses.  Fortunately I found a save of the game that is currently unloadable that predated the dead save by about an hour and a half.  From that earlier save I tried the crafting recipe again and it worked.  Something glitchy on my end I can only fathom.


I also apreciate the information on where to report bugs!

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