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I am looking to start a public Attack of the B-team server.

This server is hosted by mcprohosting.

I need mature, serious and fun staff to help me run it!


Enter the world of Apheros, where players will be able to enjoy a fully immersed world of minecraft.

My goal is to help every person who plays Apheros believe they are really a part of a living realm, complete with factions, mcmmo, pvp, pve

and much more!


There will be established and player created towns, cities, mythology and more!




1 Co-Owner (experienced)

1 Admin (Experienced)

1 Plugin Manager (Experienced)

2-3 Builders


just to get started! 


Bonus points if you're experienced with mcprohosting ;)





NO Griefing

NO Spamming

NO Hacking

NO Advertising


Raiding is allowed, but not encouraged.

Pvp is allowed 

This post will be periodically updated!





- Position you're applying for?

- How long have you played minecraft? B-team?

- Age?

- Have you been staff before?

- How often will you come online?

- Any other skills?

- Why do you deserve the position?

- Anything else?


Applications where there is a clear effort will not go unnoticed! Longer, more well-thought out applications will have a much better chance than a few disorganized sentences.

I know there are plenty of crafters out there who'd love to see a server like this, so please, join Apheros now!


Thanks for your interest!  :)

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- Position you're applying for? I am applying for the Administrator or Co-Owner position.

- How long have you played minecraft? B-team? I have played Minecraft for approximately two years, and Attack of The B-Team for about four months(since a few days after it first came out).

- Age? 17 Years old.

- Have you been staff before? Yes, I have ran my own servers as well as been a staff member or Director/Head of Public Relations for servers such as The Paradox Network and the Kingston Gaming Community. If you would like a full list of all of my positions/experiences, please feel free to contact me via PM.

- How often will you come online? I can be online my laptop in general for about four to five hours a day on and off, and will be able to dedicate half or more of that time when needed to the server.

- Any other skills? I consider myself to be extremely cool-headed, with good judgement abilities. I LOVE working with communities, and especially new servers. As a plus, before I retired from owning The Paradox Network AoTB I used mcprohosting to run and manage it, so I am experienced in their GUI and setup.


- Why do you deserve the position? I believe I deserve this position because of my countless experience in both Vanilla and Modded Minecraft, as well as my ability to perform my job and any tasks set before me well with my knowledge of commands and the type of server in which we will be playing. My aptitude for picking up new things is also quite good, so if needed I can adapt to new or different plugins with ease. I am knowledgeable in setting up a Permissions system and dabble in coding(Do not ask for plugins as I will most likely break something....xD ). Overall, I believe my personality, past experiences, and quick wits make me an optimal choice for the position I am applying for.

- Anything else? I, for once, have my sister to thank for bothering me all of these years. Because of it, I have become extremely tolerant. I am willing to Skype if required with yourself or other staff members for periodic meeting calls to discuss issues, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I prefer that you would as you will most likely get to know me better than this application can explain. My Skype is: zenophias  . Ensure to, in the request, point out that it relates to said application so I know you aren't some random person. Thank you!

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 I would like to apply for the position of Admin,

I have played minecraft for a little over a year, I've played B-Team for about 2 months but I know haw to work most of the mods in it,

12, but don't worry I'm very muture,

I have I've been a co-owner a admin and mod,

I'll be online at least 3 hours a day unless I'm gone away from my house and computer,

yes I know very well how to use world edit and world gaurd,

I'm not quiet sure what you mean by "deserve" but I think that your server could benafit from someone with my knowlege (I do have experience with mcprohosting),

yes I won't need watch training sense I have a great knowlege of plugins, also I am very respectful to higher staff and beleave there should be rules for both staff and members.


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oh also I run my own server right now too but It's just a small survival server (white-list) for me and my friends. I also run a forge server too but it's offline most of the time.

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i would like to be admin or co-owner

i play minecraft for 4 years

i'm 15

i had my own minecraft server that runned pretty well

as much as possible

i know alot of WE and WG

i really deserve it if thats what you mean because i have alot of confidence in this server is want this server to run good and fair.

i already know alot of plugins but not so much of Attack Of The B-Team but i deffenitley wanna learn it and use it.


well i hope i can join the server and have alot of fun with you guys!


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Applying for:

*Personally, I don't mind anything but builder. I'd good at building but I'm, not a huge fan.


*Minecraft wise I've been playing for about 3 and a half years

*Modded wise have been about 2

*Server knowledge is pritty high, I know how to run and maintain a server both ingame and out of it. I've been an admin, and moderator on many different servers.

*As for plugin's specificly, I've known then for a long time. I cna't, forsay, make a plugin but I can work with just about all of them if thats nessesary.


*I do try to do live streams here and there but recently my software crashed and I lost my configuration. I can fix it but It's a lot of work.

Why choose me for (Insert placement name here):

*If I haven't convinced you with a little bit of my past expiriance, then all I can say is that you'd need to talk to me more in a better chat where you cna ask the quetions and I can answer.



Display name: Silica_     Username: jacobmeucci

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Position you're applying for?

Co-Owner or Admin

- How long have you played minecraft? B-team?

I have played Minecraft for about 5 years and B-Team since it was announced on youtube which was in February i believe.

- Age?


- Have you been staff before?

I have been an admin on a few servers before that have now shut down. I have also been an owner before as well. The reason i am no longer an owner is because my ISP does not allow me to host these servers, which is ridiculous, and i cant afford a hosting service.

- How often will you come online?

Between 2 to 6 hours a Day. Always after 4 P.M. and before 8 A.M. CST

- Any other skills?

I have been pretty good at building a spawn area that is user friendly. I have a lot experience with plugins, both adding them to a server and maintaining them i.e researching things for anti-griefing plugins to find a griefer and have them punished and or banned.

- Why do you deserve the position?

Now that I no longer have my own server I have a lot of time to commit to a server. I am very dedicated and will complete any task that is given to me in a timely manner. I am very mature and have experience with taking a bad situation and resolving the problems respectfully for both parties. I enjoy helping other people with their minecraft problems rather than just sitting down and building my own things.

- Anything else?

I would say my greatest achievement would be building a 100x100 spawn area filled with shops, portals, and event areas.


Thanks in advance for reviewing my application, i look forward to your desicion

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How long have I been playing minecraft? B-Team?:

Minecraft for 4 years and B-Team since February



Have I been staff before?:

Yes, many times

How often will I be on each day?:

Summer-Weekdays and sometimes Weekends 11AM EST to 4AM EST. Spring, Winter, Autumn-Weekends 8AM EST to 2AM EST

Any other skills?:

I give good advice, I am fun but get serious when it is needed, I have built custom survival games maps, I am experienced as a staff member many times, and I know how to do pretty much every mod in B-Team

Why do I deserve the position?:

Because I have experience of being a staff member and I know most mods on B-Team and I could really help. Also, though I am young, I would have a longer time to stay focused on the server than older people than me

Anything else?:

All I gotta say left is in advance, thank you for reading my Admin application and I hope you pick someone correctly and good luck to the other applications as well.

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builder or admin

I've been playing Minecraft for 2 years and Bteam since March



Have I been staff before?:

Yes twice

How often will I be on each day?:

A couple hours

Other skills:

I'm and can be serious

I'm a good builder

I know pretty much every mod on Attack of the BTeam

I am a good helper

Why do I deserve the position?:

I'm young so I'll stay longer, I know all mods in the modpack, and I will be very focused.

Thanks in advance for reading, and if you don't pick me, I'll understand.

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- Position you're applying for? co-owner or admin

- How long have you played minecraft? B-team? little over a year

- Age? 13

- Have you been staff before? yes i have been staff before

- How often will you come online? When i have time So quite often

- Any other skills? i am very helpful and i can help build

- Why do you deserve the position? Well Personally i wanna make the server popular you know improve it not that its already great! but whether or not i get the position i am happy to be playing the server!

- Anything else? oh i need the server ip cause i had to reset my attack of the bteam and my skype is facebook:robert.kinsey.752 if you need to contact me also i am a youtuber. thats pretty much it thanks for you time! i understand if i am not chosen.

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