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Private Attack of the Bteam Whitelist server

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*MOD EDIT* Since people are too lazy to read the last post before they reply, I'll add this here.
This thread is not where it should be and both the creator and multiple applicants have ignored the warning given. So if people continue to apply here, I will continue to hand out warnings.
Hi, I am hulsedoesmc and I am looking for some people to join a brand new bteam server I will be hosting. (Also keep inventory will be on.) The rules and requirements are:
1. Run all pranking, griefing and everything against me
2. No hacking or cheating on tuesdays
3. Build AT from spawn
4. Have Fun
5. House must be hidden
6. Don't steal others stuff on tuesdays
7. Don't break other houses on tuesdays
1. Must have ICQ
2. Must play hockey
ICQ Name:
Would you help hide a body if needed?:
Please apply! I will be looking at this for a long time. Hurry because I hear sirens!!!!!!!!!!!
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IGN: saber585
Skype Name: saber585
Would you help others if help is needed?: I'm willing to help others and give them items too if needed.
NOTE: My skype may not pick up your application if I'm allowed. if you allow me please also include your skype name so I can add you back
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I don't understand how these keep popping up, they should be submitted here: http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/75-attack-of-the-b-team-servers/


I can see that if you see a bunch of others you might be confused, but nearly every one of them here has a moderator responding in it telling people not to post servers in the discussion forum.


I don't think people actually read these things anyway, Loader.

They just see the word "server" and go OMG MUST JOIN NAWZZZZ!


Just report it and carry on as you were.

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IGN: iDon'tReadTheSecond
Skype Name: iDon'tReadTheSecond
Would you help others if help is needed?:Heck no! Survival of the fittest baby!


Nice Forum Mods. I see what you did there. :P

Edited by kdports
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