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Attack of the B Team Lag


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Please help, whenever I play attack of the b team, I will be able to play for like 3 minutes and then it runs at about 0-1 fps.  I have a pretty good computer, 8 gigs of ram but it still lags.  Can you help or tell me how to fix it?  Thanks!

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Does it do it every time you play on a new map? Are you playing on the internet?


There are a lot of variables.


For example you could just be lagging.


Your java needs to be updated.


Your video card is too "weak" or drivers outdated.


You are using a hacked Minecraft client.


You didn't install it correctly.


You have other programs running in the "background" that cause your RAM to be consumed at a rapid rate.


You are using 32 bit java.

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It does it every time I try to play it.


For all other modpacks, I run a lot higher than 0-1 fps, which I think isn't lag.


Maybe Java needs to be updated.


Maybe, I got a game called Hawken and it gave me a message saying I don't have the latest version of driver.


I did buy the game, it isn't hacked.


I did install it correctly, I think, every other modpack made by technic works.


I will have windows media player running, or youtube, but once again, doing that and minecraft modpacks usually works.


I am using 32-bit java, but why would that matter?  Most computers are 32 bit, not 64.


Thank you, if you could help me more or tell me which other things are likely so I can fix it, I would be very happy. :)

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I am using 32-bit java, but why would that matter?  Most computers are 32 bit, not 64.

Not true, 32bit is being phased out, 64bit is what the current architecture is and is the primary one computer development companies are looking at.


Here's my typical run-down message for people who post lag issues on the tracker, this is geared for in-game lag elements and will either eliminate it as an option or show in-game is the problem:



Install Opis and MobiusCore to the modpack, and remove MapWriter from it (opis comes with mapwriter). Enter the world, in chat type /opis.


Click "Run" on the summary tab and report back the values found on the Tracking's Entities, Tile Entities, and Dimension tab, as well as the Client Timing's tabs (all four, will need to click "Run Render" on top right of the client timings tab) after you get the fps issues.


Also, post a launcher log.


Getting Launcher Logs

* Run Technic Launcher

* Click on the Cog icon located on the top right of the launcher

* Click on the "Logs" button

* Provide relevant log files


Pasting Logs

Use one of the following methods to show us your log files:

* Attach file to posting

* Use http://pastebin.com and paste the resulting URL in your post

* Use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the resulting URL in your post

For overly sized files, attaching or using the above URLs may not work, you can use one of the following for these types of cases

* http://mediafire.com

* http://dropbox.com

Edit: Did some quote cleanup as the quoted post i had was for a very specific issue and wasnt entirely generalized.

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I am using 32-bit java, but why would that matter?  Most computers are 32 bit, not 64.

Having other stuff running at the same time is fine so long as you can afford the RAM and processing time, 32-bit java can only support 1GB RAM, and this modpack uses anywhere from 1.5GB to 3GB without any texture packs - once you run out, you'll slow right down.


With very few exceptions (mostly low power computers like intel's atom) all computers since 2004 have been x86-64 compatible.  If you have 8GB RAM, then you probably have a 64-bit machine and installation of windows, as windows could only address a little more than 3GB total in 32-bit modes.



Edit: Now who's jumping in front of whos posts, Kalbintion? :D

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Yes you need 64-bit java for it. Also for installing mods, they go into the mods folder for the modpack. Clicking the cog icon under the modpack logo on the launcher should give you a button that says "Open Folder" or what have ya, the mods folder is there.


As for the java, when you install 64bit, uninstall all previous versions before hand and reboot to ensure the installation goes smoothly, also run it in administrative mode so it can do some things it needs (otherwise youll probably end up with a "cannot create java virtual machine" error or a "java is not a recongizable command...etc"

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