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How do you indicate steam in a Fluid Export Bus?


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Outside of using /give I can only suggest maybe using portable/ender tanks and see if it accepts those. Fortron's (MFFS) in that same boat as I don't think you can bucket it. Neither fluid were meant to be used outside their respective machines for obvious reasons :D

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Have you tried florbs?  steam filled florbs can be used in the filter on a fluiduct but I'm not sure if they will work on the fluid export bus.  Worth trying.


Plus, when your done using it to configure output, you can throw it at a mob and give it a steam burn. ;)

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In the end I used a portable tank, which did the trick.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone!


edit - I forgot to add!  I did try hunting for a steam florb using NEI but I couldn't find one.  Do they exist and I just can't find them?

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