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[HELP] MystCraft Descriptive books not working on Tekkit


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In our Tekkit server the Descriptive books aren't working, when you craft one and then put it on a bookstand, and then click the blue image to go to the world, nothing happens, and there are no errors in the console. Anyone know a fix?

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Post more info, versions, maybe screenshots. Verify in singleplayer.


We are in Tekkit Version 1.2.9e, no screenshots needed, we just open up the descriptive book while in the main world, then when we click on the thing in the book to teleport to a new age, nothing happens. We are in a server, it works though in Single Player, but not working in the server.



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Descriptive book or a linking book? Colour? If descriptive check the file permissions for the dimension in question.

The server will try to make a dimension directory (example. DIM_MYST34). Is there one on the server already? Is there space for this?

Check configs for mystcraft on the server (everything in general set to true).

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I had exactly this problem last night, and only stumbled across a solution that may work for you by accident.


Check the server configuration file for an option to allow nether (true/false). If set to false this will prevent new dimensions (including Mystcraft's) from working. 



Hope that helps.

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