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How to ban Items in Bteam without using Cauldron?


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Hello, I am a noob when it comes to creating servers. I am interested in making an ATOB Server.

I noticed on a previous post on here that in order to ban items on ATOB you need to use something called Cauldron. Are there any custom Plugins or actual bukkit plugins that allow me to remove items such as Dubstep guns, placing of tnt, etc. without having to use Cauldron?  Remember I am not a expert in putting together servers. I just need a sort of simple procedure to remove items I dont want in my server. any help is appreciated.


Thank you :)

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Using plugins without using a plugin accepting format? IMPOSSIBRU! No but seriously, there isnt. Unless theres a mod out that that does this, to which I'm unaware of completely. Your other option is to maybe set the ID of the item to 0 but then youd be needing all of your players who want to join to do the same, and even then this may not work.

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