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A convenient way to display written text?


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Hey guys,


Lately I've said Tekkit Lite goodbye and started on the new Tekkit. 


Besides the fact I really like it, I somehow miss some sort of big screen to display text on, like the Industrial Information Panels that used to be in Tekkit Lite. I really like making 'offices' or 'control rooms' in which I have a set of screens which displays all kinds of information, like 'to do-lists', coördinates, ideas for future projects etc, and I hate switching back to signs or written books for that.


Is there something in Tekkit that works similar as the Industrial Information Panels? Something which I can use to easily write things to do on on a wall or something. I know there's Computers wich DO have a screen, but before you can write anything on them you have to be programming and such, so that is a nay to me :)


Thanks in advance!

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