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[1.7.10]Applecraft[24 Slots][Whitelisted][PvP][Mega Mod Pack][No Banned Items/Blocks]

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Hello all



The applecraft server is a community friendly server that is new to the block. There are currently 2 people on the server, myself and my colleague who are here to run and maintain the server as well as enjoy the minecraft experience with you. We decided to open it up to the community as the server was very quiet with just 2 of us and we would like to spruce it up a bit. This server has all of the latest mods ranging from tech (IC2, Thermal Expansion etc.) to magic (Thaumcraft, Witchery etc.)


You are given the freedom of singleplayer and when I say there are no banned items/blocks, I mean it. (This does not mean you can spawn in items, incase you were wondering xD)  Every item/block is available to the player, If you can craft it, you can have it! (unless something is causing extreme lag or problems for the server or a bug is reported) and there will be updates on this thread as to what the item is and why it is unavailable, but so far nothing has been found. With this freedom there are responsibilities. There is no spawn setup, you start from scratch but all the mods are at your disposal, and you are responsible for the safe keeping of inventory and buildings, you have the mods to keep them safe which will be listed below.


We would recommend that you use an ender-thermic pump instead of the buildcraft pump in the nether, but you have the choice of using either. You can choose to play how you like but please be aware of others on the server. We would recommend, use the buildcraft pump for early game but as soon as you have the resources upgrade to the more server friendly ender-thermic pump. Doing this can mean a lot to the other players on the server.


Please do also note that it is not completely refined as most of the mods are still in alpha/beta and there may be instances where the server will crash or your client will crash. Should you be having problems please report back here where myself and my colleague will be keeping an eye out for problems. We are currently looking into having a website where we can give you regular updates on the pack and can take feedback as to what we should add/remove.


We would like to invite people looking for a friendly community to play with, where collaboration is encouraged. There are currently no pictures of epic builds or a spawn but should you choose to join the server and create something cool feel free to post it here and we will do our best to include it in the post.


Because there are so many mods available on the server we would like to ask if you don't know how to use or resolve a problem with the mods, please attempt to do it yourself and use wiki's before asking people on the server, as it can be annoying sometimes if someone is continuously asking questions about mods. Please don't ask staff for positions or items as that can get annoying too.


The server is paid for by myself and my colleague and may be upgraded if there is enough demand. The server runs 24/7, and has an auto-restart setup and should this fail the server should be up as soon as we can access it.


Mods List

These are the main mods and there prerequisites are installed

Advanced Genetics

Advanced Machines (IC2 Addon)

Advanced Solar Panels (IC2 Addon)

Applied Energistics 2

Aroma1997 Mining World

Automagy (Thaumcraft Addon)




Big Reactors

Binnies mods (extra trees, extra bees)

Biomes O Plenty

Blood Magic


Carpenters Blocks


Compact Solars (IC2 addon)


Dimensional Anchor

Electrical Age

Enchanting Plus





Enhanced Portals

Equivalent Exchance 3


Extra Utilities



Forbidden Magic (Thaumcraft Addon)


Garden Stuff



Gravitation Suite


Hardcore Ender Expansion


Hat Stand


Hard Core Questing Mod

Industrialcraft 2

Iguana Tinker Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks

Iron Chests

Journey Maps

Magical Crops

Magic Bees

Malisis Doors



Modular Force Field System

Minefactory Reloaded




Mouse Tweaks


Nei Addons

Nei Plugins

Nether Ores

Not Enough Items

Obsidian Plates

Open Blocks

Open Computers

Open Eye

Ore Dictionary Converter

Pams Harvestcraft

Pneumatic Craft

Power Converters


Progressive Automation

Project Red

Quarry Plus


Random Things

Redstone Arsenal

Redstone Paste Mod

Refined Relocation


Remain in Motion

Remote IO

Resonant Engine

Secret Rooms

Simply Jetpacks

Solar Expansion

Solar Flux


Steves Carts2

Steve Factory Manager

Steves Workshop

Super Crafting Frame


Tinkers Construct


Thaumcraft 4

Thaumic Exploration

Thuamic tinkerer

TiC Tool Tips

Tinkers Mechworks


Tinkers SteelWorks



Twilight Forest

Universal Electricity


Waila Harvestability

Warp Book







3 Points and you are banned for 36 hours

5 Points and you are banned perminantly


1.No Griefing, BAN

2.No Stealing, BAN

3.No asking for positions or items from mods and admins, 1 point

4.Please do not abuse bugs, 2 points

5.No abuse to other players, 1 point

6. Please keep it PG13 in chat, 1 point


Whitelist Application

We recommend that you please read above before making an application to ensure this is the server you wish to join.


In game name:

Age(No minimum age):

Have you ever been banned? If so why?:

Reason for joining:

Any cool builds in mind?:

Do you know how to use these mods?:

Have you read the rules and agree to the sanctions involved with breaking the rules?:



Server IP:


Modpack URL:


Please click the link and copy the URL from the top of your browser.


Please Note!! You MUST allocate 2 GB of ram to the pack or else it will not run!


Also Please open the folder the modpack is installed in and remove TreeCapitator from the mods folder. This has been removed from the server and must be removed from the client in order to work correctly or you will spend ages trying to cut down trees. My colleague is away and when he is back it will be removed from the pack. 


Update: We have now moved over to a new modpack, you will find the link above. And the server IP has changed. 



We look forward to seeing you online! :)

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In game name:Jenson99

Age(No minimum age):15

Have you ever been banned? If so why?:NOPE

Reason for joining:Wanting to join a small 1.7.10 server

Any cool builds in mind?:Automatic Building

Do you know how to use these mods?:Yup

Have you read the rules and agree to the sanctions involved with breaking the rules?:Yes

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