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Miniboxer's Unofficial Tekkit Server Reviews!


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Alright, the reviews are coming back and I am ditching the rubric system because I felt it was lowering the scores of good servers.

These are server reviews.

I play on servers for 1-4 hours and rate them based on the quality of the server.

Most of the time, this is nitpicking good servers, and ripping bad servers to shreds.

These are brutal.

I am going to be even more ridiculous on what I qualify as a good server now. Times have changed, it is now harder to find high quality servers without looking in Server Deluxe.

These are similar to TotalBiscuits WTF is... videos. They are solely my opinion, and are first impressions. The server may be good and I didn't play long enough to find out, or the server may be terrible and I didn't play long enough to find out.

I am going to start anew with some Tekkit Main servers, and see what the quality

of them is like.

The aspects I will be rating are:



Staff Friendliness

Spawn quality

Don't come here and complain to me that I gave you a bad score. If you were in a bad time when I reviewed, PM me about it. The score will not be official until the server has been evaluated again when it is better.

First coming server is BusinessTech

Server thread is here.

here are the servers I have reviewed previously:

Classic Servers:

NoCreepers.net - 4.25

UnknownCraft - 8.25 - now closed

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found a terrible server the ip is:

pvp is enabled and i got red katar and morning star and quantum suit and killed someone i got shit from him

then he got all pissed and the owner tped to me and used the /kill command on me so i lost everything i had because i did nothing

but killed someone and the owner himself said php is enabled so either he's mentally retarded or he's a dick

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6 - going for a jog

As a cross country runner (Running for miles and miles and miles without stopping is our fun), I think this should be 12.

So far, I like the whole rubric thing - if you're interested in judging servers go for it, I'd love to see what's out there before trying it out.

Although personally I'm really, really picky. If it's not perfect, it's not worth my time - I can always just make my own.

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