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FML is saying Project Red needs a mod that my pack already has.


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I'm trying to put Project Red in a private modpack but regardless of whether or not I have CodedChickenCore (CodedChickenLib-x.x.x-x.x.x.xxx.jar), I still get
[09:25:51] [Client thread/ERROR]: The mod ProjRed|Core (ProjectRed) requires mods [ForgeMultipart, CodeChickenCore] to be available
in the log file. Here's the full log, by the way:
What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it? I mean, besides using a different logic mod such as RedLogic, obviously.
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this didn't belong in Cafe Lame, all custom pack help stays in Pagoda


Thank you, I was trying to figure out which forum to drop this in, and defaulted to the General discussion forum. Somehow I overlooked pagoda. Sorry about that.


Download CodeChickenCore and drop it to the mods directory. Run the pack, watch the log and post new logs if you spot errors.

That's what I did. Thanks anyway for trying to help, at least. I kinda said that in the title, though, didn't I?

Now that I think about it, isn't CodedChickenLib a core mod? Let me check that real quick in the installation instructions for CodedChickenCore
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Upload the whole FML log and modlist.


Edit: Check for dev mod versions in your environment.

As far as I can tell, the pastebin I linked has the entire log for that session.
I'm pretty sure I didn't download any development versions, but I can check, I guess. All of the mods are working just fine until I add Project Red + chickenbones' core.
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You would think Forge Mod Loader would include this
Blood Magic 1.2.0
Buildcraft 6.0.18
MineTweaker 3.8.9B
pixelmon 3.2.9 universal
ProjectRed (all modules)
ChickenBones Core
Alternatively, here's the dropbox share link to my mods folder
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Ok. Here's how it is: I'm often at work and just cannot load a big pack due to memory issues (32bit java and OS) but I can debug logs of any kind.

In this situation I was right from the start: you don't have CodeChickenCore and that prevents the pack from starting (and downloading dependencies like ForgeMultipart).


You have CodeChickenLib, not CodeChickenCore, so again:


go here, download CodeChickenCore and add it to your pack and preferably delete CodeChickenLib to redownload.

P.S. double post, I know.

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