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My kids love minecraft = as do I. The only problem is that they do not have the focus or patience required to play an epic survival modpack. In order to combat this problem, I put together this pack to help save time so they can get to the good stuff without going straight to creative. A  modpack that I would like people to check out. It has 110 total mods, and is kind of an easier version and hybrid of some other Epic modpacks. I found a way to get MCA (minecraft comes alive) to work with Tconstrust, MoVilliges, buildcraft, veinminer, and pam's harvestcraft -not to mentoin thaumcraft and a host of other cool mods we have all come to expect in an epic adventure/survival modpack.  


The mp is designed to help simulate real minecraft survival, with elements of real world experiences like getting married, creating a town, building a farm, foresting, mining, creating wealth, cooking lots of different foods, etc, WITHOUT the need to spend hours just getting set up.



Hardcore fans need not worry because surviving the night is still challenging, its just not as grueling. MoVillages also makes finding people in your world a lot easier, but making them like you takes a lot of work. The modpack also has adventure elements such as dungeon crawling and questing. What the modpack is meant to do is simple, remove the barriers to creativity created by the grinding that is necessary to get to the heart of some of the more difficult mods. When you begin any quest or journey there is this necessity to spend hours foraging for supplies to get enough items to make weapons, upgrade your mining tools, etc. I mean you could spend over 20 hours of gameplay just trying to get your tools upgraded enough in Tconstruct to be able to mine for gold and diamonds so you can get married in MCA. But veinminer (if correctly configured) allows you to save a lot this requisite time needed to get the most out of the mods. 




Here is the link to my modpack thanks for checking it out and letting me know what you think.

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    • By Nyrab
      I recently created a modpack, but i can't connect to my friends via Hamachi, so i tried to make a server but it gaves an error that i don't understand
      But in this topic i prefer start of the beggining, i need help to make a server or just a way that i can play with my friends via Hamachi
      PS:I want a free way to make it, i tried Aternos but i didn't find some mods that was in my modpack
    • By Nyrab
      I've tried a lot of things that didn't worked, so i'm asking for help here in the community
       I'll send the console text tomorrow
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      So, I've been using Technic since around I believe middlish of 2013. And I've been looking and looking and decided, tonights final. I'm signing up and asking for help. I should've done this years ago. But I've been so willing to try myself to find the modpack I want but nope, isn't going to happen.
      So, like Yogbox. It has the old Mo Creatures, I believe 3.3.0? Well, I've been trying to find a seperate creation of that which actually works... All the others say they either failed installing or the game is just normal vanilla minecraft. In other words, clickbait. The reason is I just adore the old horses and how you have to wait for them to breed.
      Also the Pokemon mod, also more known as Pixelmon. However, back before I used to play a mod like it that did have the gyms and the health centres and towns along with the mod itself. Is that a different type of Pokemon mod?
      I'm also looking for a working Minecraft comes Alive as thats an old favourite of mine from a couple of years back. (I've been playing since 2009)
      Many thanks!
      Oops! Sorry, I'm not on the right topic. I am new to the forums only... >.< I apologise a lot... I just realised this is for Tekkit not Technic Launcher.
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      I have created a new modpack that combines technology with magic mods. There is not so many mods that most computers can't run it but there are enough for you to never be bored. Thanks for checking it out, enjoy! https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-roll-of-the-dice.982545
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      yo check out this shitty modpack
      The main mods in the modpack are MCA (Minecraft Comes Alive), DBC (Dragon Block C) and Years C
      DBC and MCA configs are edited so that forms have different multipliers and MCA NPC's are stronger
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