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I hope this is a joke website.


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Meanwhile, on the original site...

homosexual Skrillex dance festivals

...What? Not only that, but has anyone read the dropdowns? "Video nasties," "Satan's Internet..."

Again, what? I might have to buy one of those handbooks to decipher all this...

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"homosexual Skrillex dance festivals"


"homosexual Skrillex dance festivals"

Just say that in your head. Think about it. Revel in the incomprehensible string of sounds that one might compare to a thought if there were anything resembling an idea relayed by them. Enjoy the feeling, as your mind slowly descends into madness in its futile effort to comprehend this "homosexual Skrillex dance festivals" concept.

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There's no way these people are serious. I mean, it's just... Seriously? God preached against socialism and Obama now, did he? Funny, I think Jesus did some pretty socialist things in his time (giving to the poor is distinctly socialist, at least by these whackjobs' standards). I'm not even sure how anybody could be dumb enough to think that the everyman building things is un-american and socialist. I...

Wow, did I really type that much about these idiots? Back to laughing.

Apparently, I am dumb: http://goarticles.com/article/Landover-Baptist-Church-It-s-a-Parody-folks/1483502/

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