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I hope this is a joke website.


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Actually read some of it 99% bullshit of course, but with one redeeming piece. I quote:

With a country that celebrates the mongoloid sinners known as the “Jersey Shore” and the horrible, homobese troll known as “Snooki,”

A million monkeys with a million typewriter will one day write Shakespeare and by the same statistics this guy has hit on a fundamental truth. I'd just reword it to not to be offensive to people with Downs Syndrome and change the word homobese to orange.

While the original link is frankly disturbing, this http://christwire.org/2011/12/what-pubic-hair-says-about-a-woman/ is simply hilarious.

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The vast majority of Americans really don’t think about Canada that much. Why would they? Isn’t it just an arctic wasteland, sparsely populated by uneducated hunter-gatherers who sit shivering in their igloos smoking marijuana and arguing about the price of beaver pelts? Well, yes it is.

Are the people on this site aware that they are posting a ton of hilarious bullshit?

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These stupid and uneducated people need to stop staring at the Bible until they think it tells them what they want instead of actually reading It.
Be careful with what you wish for. it's well known that easiest way to become an atheist is to actually read the Bible and thinking along while doing so.
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