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Greetings! I present my very first Public Modpack Release - Hightech Minecraft!

What is Hightech Minecraft?



Hightech Minecraft is a modpack inspired by the Modern Minecraft pack. It is refurbished and renewed with some new and updated mods along with more solid configurations and slight fixes that one can do without re-modifying the mod. The ModPack has a focus on technology and advancement and of course....EXPLOSIONS.


The ModPack uses the Technic team's Solder API to make sure updating is easy and simple and won't require a new download every time the pack receives and update. This is my very first public modpack, however I am no stranger to modpacks and I always do the best I can to provide quality over quantity. I select very stable mods and make very precise configuration changes (even if it means going in by hand to adjust certain things).


All mods in this pack have Open Permissions and you can see them via the modpack permissions page and I will also post them at the end of this post. 


With all of that said please keep in mind, I am no Mod Developer and more often then not any crashes that occur I assure you usually won't be from configuration errors but more with problems with the offending Mod itself. However with that said, this pack has been tested thoroughly on a closed server and has yet to experience a crash of any kind relating specifically to mods not getting along with each other.



I am more than happy to try and assist people to the best of my ability when it comes to the Modpack, however as stated above please keep in mind, I am no developer, only a compiler and config editor. Most errors should be reported correctly and through the proper channels. So without further adieu I will present the Mod list and the permissions list. By all means if you wish to do a Let's Play series on this please do, and don't be afraid to let me know about it (obey the forum rules). I am open to constructive criticism and welcome it.











(Copy the Link Into Your Launcher)






Who is Nerd Storm Production?

Nerd Storm Production is the name of my company based in New York. We are a small independent game developing company that has just opened up. We mostly do old-retro style RPG Games but have just recently dived into Smart Phone app development. This however is a small sub-division that just creates modpacks for fun. But this is not a plug for the company, nor the place for it.

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