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[1.7.10] UNofficial STEVES GALAXY 30 Slots

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30 Slots


Welcome to first UNofficial STEVES GALAXY server


Starting in a desolate wasteland, your mission (should you choose to accept it!!!!) is to embark on a journey to the skies in search of other planets to colonise, whether it be alone or with a friend, or maybe you want to try and recolonise earth with the friendly growing community on this server.


The server currently has the following plugins for you to use:






If you haven't already got STEVES GALAXY then here is the link:




Anyone is welcome to the server be it new or experienced, just be aware no griefing is allowed :)


Thanx for taking the time to read this and hope to see you in space!



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Just some helpful advice. Use pictures and formatting to increase the "pizzazz" of your server. From what I'm seeing right now, I wouldn't join, because your post doesn't make your server very attractive. I'll be on your server shortly to check it out, and to let you know that I have left helpful recommendations on your comments page. :)


**edit** You should also add the version of your server to this page.

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