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Hexxit RAM Problem


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Hello Guys,

first of all: I'm german, so my english is not the best and i hope you understand it :/

i have a problem with Hexxit (1.5.2).

Every time when i play it is my ram completly occupied .. i have 8gb in my computer and hexxit is 5gb assigned, but after ca 30 minutes when i'm ingame used hexxit all 8gb ram. So i can do nothing with my computer.


my system:

Windows 7 64bit
8gb ram

has any one an idea to solve this problem? 


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Do you teleport a lot? Like between overworld/nether/end or across long distances with dimension doors? When I played the 1.5.2 version my game would run fine for awhile but after a few teleports (3 or 4) it would start chugging and I'd have to restart. Anyway, basically something is causing what's known as a memory leak. Do you have optifine installed? If so, try using a different version.

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