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Everything has a button

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Same with the PS3.

A fridge. A door. A thermostat. A Lada, without any extras doesn't have any buttons.

Some doors do, as the locks sometimes have to be pushed in. And Ps3/360's have buttons as well on the main console they're just hidden cleverly. The 60gb version has it just grazing over the top whereas the 120gb version has a more visible one.

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Not all machines have buttons. Some things turn on when you plug them in, and only turn off when they have no power being supplied to them. They have no activation, as their 'activation' is power. An example of this would be an autoconfiguring digital clock, by itself.

Not counting the alarms or radio or anything that could come with it, the clock itself works on its own and cannot be turned off until you stop powering it. So while a digital clock can have buttons to set alarms and such, an autoconfiguring one that sets its own time when you plug it in, changes to daylight savings time and back on its own, and only turns on or off based on if it is being powered has no buttons. That is saying the clock itself, not any additions that may come with it (Such as alarms).

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I have something to ask: What the hell is a Lada?

Well, there's Lamborghini, there's Ferrari, there's Rolls Royce, and just then, there's Lada.


A Lada is a combustion engine, wheels, (crappy) seats and a bit of cheap glass and plastic. No buttons.

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