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[Bteam!] XENOCRAFT [PvP/PvE][15 slots][Friendly][Whitelist][No banned or restricted mods.]

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Greetings my fellow minecraftians! :cheers:

Me and a couple friends started a small private b team server and we've decided invite people to join in the mad science mayhem!

*We're up 24/7!
*No banned or restricted mods. (Use of common sense expected.)
*We run bukkit essentials and grief prevention.
* 15 slots

We're a laid back group of mature, friendly players who are far more interested in having fun than telling you what to do.

- No griefing of any kind.
- PVP is legal outside claims but no repeat killings.
- Always unsummon minions before logging off.
- Don't be a dick.

Apply on this thread and if your application is accepted we'll PM you the IP!

Something about yourself:


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IGN: kimmielief and surv1vell

Age: 28 and 26

Something about yourself: Me and my bf are looking for a mature server. We played mc for several years and we're looking for a place to settle down. We both love to build nice buildings and stuff. I like to do terraforming aswell. We like to contribute to being a nice community :)

hope to hear from you soon!

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IGN: _ugh_
Age: 16
Something about yourself: I've been playing this modpack for quite some time now and my recent server that i was playing on just shut down so im looking for a new one :) im very nice and i like to help others, ive been on multiple aotbt servers so i kinda know whats up :D 

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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