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  1. Name: Mikey Age: 16 (almost 17) IGN: _ugh_ Why you want to join: last server shut down just trying to find somewhere else to play because b team is my favorite pack Favorite Mod: witchery Skype: mikeyminaj69
  2. Real Name (Op) : Mikey IGN : _ugh_ Skype/Email/Way to contact you : skype: mikeyminaj69 Maturity Level [1-10 and why] : 10, I don't really talk much, I like to play minecraft and thats it Why do you want to join : Last server I was on shut down, just trying to find a new one What Mod(s) are you best at on ATotBT : witchery, tinkers construct and a lot more Timezone : eastern Anything Else to Add (Op) : I'm a good player/builder, multiplayer makes attack of the b team so much more fun
  3. IGN (Minecraft name) - _ugh_ Age - 16 Why do you want to join this server? - aotbt is my favorite pack, its so much more fun playing on multiplayer rather than single player How often would you play? - probably about 5-10 hours a day Do you use Teamspeak? - nope but i can make one Any other info you feel is necessary - I'm really experienced in this pack and i'm a really good/nice player. I help others and try to make the gaming expirience as good as possible
  4. Age: 16 How long have you been playing the modpack: a couple of years now, atotbt is my all time favorite mod and i love playing on servers, it really adds to the game when youre playing with real people What are you going to build on our server: I'm usually an underground builder but i'll probably build a base underwater in an ocean biome, ive been wanting to do that for so long Why do you want to join our server: My recent attack of the b team server shut down, and ive been trying to find another server What is your skype: (ill message it to you if im accepted) What is your IGN: _ugh_ What is your location (State and Country): usa / massachusetts
  5. IGN: _ugh_ Age: 16 Why would you like to join the server: Attack of the b-team is my favorite modpack and the server ive been playing on shut down, ive been trying to look for some good servers and yours seems like one Will you follow rules: Yes, i've been part of quite a few servers and i completely understand everything
  6. IGN: _ugh_Age: 16Something about yourself: I've been playing this modpack for quite some time now and my recent server that i was playing on just shut down so im looking for a new one im very nice and i like to help others, ive been on multiple aotbt servers so i kinda know whats up
  7. Minecraft username: _ugh_ (optional)Age: 16 Why you want to play on this server: I love attack of the b team servers, it really adds a lot to the game when you're playing with actual people How you found this server: server forums Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?: Nope, I actually play on quite a few whitelist servers, They're still up and running. How well do you know the mods?: Very well, Ive been playing attack of the b team for about a year now How often do you play?: Everyday 1-5 hours (im kind of a loner heh) Why do you feel you should be accepted?: I'm a very nice player, i respect server rules and i do my best to help anyone who needs it I have read the rules and know I will get banned for breaking them: Yes, completely understand
  8. Hello, I was interested in joining i'm 16 and my ign is _ugh_ I'm a really nice player and i respect all server rules
  9. IGN: _ugh_ Age: 16 From: USA East Coast Time Online: I usually play for about 5 hours a day Extra: I'm a good player, i've been on countless whitelist servers and i know how they work, i'm very nice and i tend to help people when needed
  10. Minecraft username:_ugh_ Where you found this server? Technic server list Why you want to be on this sever? Attack of the b-team is my favorite pack, i've been away for a while due to getting a new computer, now that i have one i really wanna play some mod packs What are you planning on doing on the server? Help some people out, work on witchery and just have a fun time Your favourite colour? Green
  11. Ingame name: _ugh_ How long you have played mc/b-team: i've been playing for about a year now, i love the pack its filled with a bunch of amazing mods. How often you play mc/b-team: I probably play about 5 hours everyday Age: 16 Other information: i'm a fair player, i understand all rules on whitelisted servers (i've been on multiple) and I will never be a problem. I love playing in servers because it just makes the game better and more fun when youre actually playing with real people.
  12. Hello, i would be interested in joining the server message me on here if you're interested
  13. Age: i'll be 16 next month! IGN: WakaiAkuma Skype: mikeyminaj69 how often will you play on the server?: i'll probably be on a lot because i'm on summer vacation and i have nothing else to do, haha are you willing to play fair?: yes, ive been added to two other attack of the b team servers and the only reason i'm not with them anymore is because both server owners closed their server :/
  14. Name: Mikey Username: WakaiAkuma Skype: mikeyminaj69 Age: i'll be 16 next month 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT: 1. I really love playing on servers with people, it makes the gameplay way more fun than just regular single player 2. I was just recently added to an attack of the b team server, but unfortunately i guess the server was removed and it's a real shame because i was really far in the game, but i just started looking for a new server today!
  15. AGE: 16 IGN:WakaiAkuma MATURITY LEVEL:Very mature, i don't really talk to many people i just play the game SKYPE: mikeyminaj69 WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: i love playing attack of the b team with other players, it makes the game so much more fun because theres so many more possibilities
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