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REQUEST: Gaseous Expansion


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Hello there, so I've had this idea for a mod forever and would love it if someone would actually be able to execute it. It's called Gaseous Expansion, and would be exactly what the title implies. It would start with a few food additions such as tacos and chewing gum, craftable with vanilla ingredients (recipes could be anything simple I guess) and a HUD indicator perhaps in the lower left by default (being configurable for modpacks would be nice I guess) that shows the flatulence level. Eating certain foods raises this and increases the chance of a methane release periodically, accompanied by some brown colored particle effect and appropriate noises. A debuff with poison for the surrounding area might be cool too.

Now, here's the genius of the mod. Natural flatulence could be exploited to generate power (integration with RF or other mod's power systems) through a machine called the "Gaseous Collector" and some piping into "Modular Gaseous Storage Systems" (think Applied Energistics but for farts). This could then be processed into actual energy by some other cool machinery. Eventually around end game there could be more complex systems for generating flatulence such as making clones and force feeding them flatulence inducing foods such as tacos systematically. Let me know if you're interested in developing this idea into an actual mod, thanks!

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