Tekkit world broken (?)

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So I was perusing my Tekkit world and suddenly nothing works... I can't open most GUIs, or use most blocks. My strongbox works, but it's empty when it should have plenty of stuff in it. If I reload the world, everything works... for about 20 seconds. I've added these mods, and I would like to not remove them, but I guess if I have to I will

Mystcraft, EnderIO, OpenBlocks

I was just putting some drives in my ME system when it started not working

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If you have the seed number and the the following directories then you will be ok.

OK in your world folder you need to make a copy of the following folders and all there content.

Players, and region

Now copy these some where safe then copy the world to a new location restart the server making sure you are using the same seed.

Log into the server and this should be a blank new world.

Now log out and then shut the server down. After this copy back in over the top the following folders from your previous world.

Players, and region

Restart the server again.

Now log back in and you will find everything is back where you left it before the server crashed.


Also a tip if you want to get ahead of your friends you can always read the book:  From Go To Pro

Hope this helps






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I have removed the link now as every time I put the link there it gets changed.  So you can search for the book i am talking about its called 

From Go to Pro and its available at amazon.

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Link Broken

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I think something's wrong with your link. I tried it and all I got was some weird occult grimoire.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Maybe something's broken, I don't know.


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Hthat's a good book

Hmm, again strange it was working earlier, then suddenly my account password also changed. almost like some one does not want me to tell people about this book.

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