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Will Forestry be re-added to the Tekkit pack ?

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i really want to make automated farmes in my tekkit world/Server but as you might remember a few builds ago Forestry was taken out (Problems with the luncher + Forestry mod.)

So is there any chance that you guys will re-add the mod ?

P.S. sorry for ANY spelling/Grammer mistake i might have, English ISN'T my native language.

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Forestry was removed because the author strongly dislikes the Technic Pack, and doesn't want Forestry redistributed as part of the pack.

Forestry is very unlikely to be re-included in the Technic Pack.

(Personally, this doesn't upset me too much. I didn't really like Forestry anyway.)

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There's a reason Sengir doesn't like technic/tekkit. Technic used his mod without his permission, and sengir didn't like that so he put the code in.

Although I am a little disappointed that forestry was removed, (since a lot of modded servers are tekkit nowadays), I don't blame sengir for what he did. Now, you can add forestry to technic/tekkit manually without any block ID conflicts. All you have to do is drag the forestry client in the mods folder (and delete the forestry folder in the EE jar mod), and you're set. For the server, you just need to put the forestry bukkit port file in the mods folder.

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