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Set your clients to 3.1.2 Latest build.

Now looking for Staff! Scroll down for details.

We now have a twitter!

Keep yourself updated.



Hello Bros, and welcome to the BROVENTURETIME thread.

If you're looking for a server to put your BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Redpower, or even RailCraft skills to the test, this server is for you.

Don't let the name fool you, our players are quite mature.

The goal of the Server, is to make a stable Economy where all the players are involved. Thus giving much needed purpose to any factories one may make in our server.


Sunrise at the broventure town.


39.png Our Currency


Behold. The Industrial Credit. We use this on our server as a means of Loot, Prize, Refund, and pretty much everything else that has to deal with money. The token acts like a token. You collect them, then you cash them in for iConomy money. Which will allow you to buy things from stores or other players. Otherwise, this is the currency of choice among our players. It is in beautiful Synergy with Right click trading, so players can exchange goods for Coins. Of course, you cannot craft this item, as it is pretty simple to make. Sorry guys, no minting factories. :(


39.png Elaboration time!

Let's say if player Billy were to make.. A cake producing factory. Aside from the amount of intelligence and creativeness Billy would have to make such a thing, he is now producing cake.

Now Billy doesn't have to worry about food anymore. He notices though that other players are however. So our player billy produces a whole bunch of cake, and goes to the Server market. He makes a store, SELLING CAKE. Players begin to buy from him! "Yes!" Exclaims player Billy. He can now use that money to expand his cake making empire.. To perhaps an complicated Potion making Factory. Billy is now pretty wealthy. What can he do with all his money? Billy can now make himself a Town. A town where all of his land is protected, and if he wished, could invite other players to join him. However, Billy knows that a Town is very expensive, and costs alot of money to Expand, and upkeep. Billy must devise more efficient factories, upgrade his existing ones. He has alot of money now. He can easily afford his Town upkeep, and has expanded quite largely. What can he do with his money? Buy EE stuff.


39.pngEquivalent Exchange, and it's role on the server

Let's face it guys. Equivalent exchange is broken. C'mon, don't tell me "well uh it takes this many diamonds to make". I had a person come in on the server the first day, and had full Gemmed Armor by the time he left. It's not that hard to get your EE stuff, you have to admit it.

And lets admit also, that EE isn't server friendly. Items that Delete whole chunks, items that ignore server protections.. Despite how awesome EE is, it's a disaster if not managed correctly.

Ontop of all that, EE allows you to produce items out of thing air! Completely shoving aside IC2 and Buildcraft and who remembers Railcraft?

So me and my admins sat down and brainstormed ideas on how to balance EE.

Solution 1: Ban EE altogether. This one was the first option we all agreed would work. Banning EE was the easy way out. But further thinking revealed that A: EE had plenty of items that weren't unbalanced. And B: People wanted EE. We scrapped this idea.

Solution 2: Ban certain items. This one worked for a while, but players began to complain about not being able to craft certain items. And the ones that didn't already had working Condensor flowers the first day. This didn't solve anything.

Solution 3: Banning all EE items from being able to be crafted, and add all of the EE items to a town shop for "Equivalent" prices. This is the idea we ended up using. Why? Well think about it.

It's balanced on the economy of our server. It doesn't remove EE from the server. And it really does make EE "Endgame". A bonus feature of this system; It filters out any of the lazy non creative players.


39.pngOur Server features

37.png Display shops: Seeing as this is Tekkit, and there are tons of items, all of which aren't name supported.. We went ahead and chose Display shops as our default Shop medium. You can see what you're going to buy before buying it or guessing what the item id actually is.

Take a look.


37.png Factions: A way to keep all of our players collaborating with each other. Players can join under another's banner and collaborate any creations.. Or if you're into pvp, you can wage war on other factions. Choice is yours, all of it is profitable however.


A picture of the JayCo faction.

37.png Casinos: I've implemented the Casinosigns plugin. This could be a very effective way at make money, if your lucky. It's also highly addictive. Select players will be able to create their own super casinos.


37.png Right Click Trades: A very awesome and secure way to make transactions between each other. Simply right click on the person you want to trade with, and wait for them to right click on you back. Then it'll bring up a Gui where you can drag and drop in items you wish to trade. Then, Click on the Green wool to accept, or Red wool to deny. Wait for your trader to confirm, and whalah. You've made a secure trade.


37.png Towny Advanced: Make towns fully protected from any griefing, and allow players to join your town and collect money from them! And don't think that you won't need towny, it's one of the only things protecting you from the griefers.


An example of a lovely housing complex created by a player with towny.

37.png LWC Protection: One of the best protections that this server offers is the ability to lock down your doors and chests, even furnaces. However, it will not work on any chests or inventories that are not part of vanilla minecraft. This means things like Crystal Chests, Alchemical Chests or anything like that, will not be protected. So you your protection smart, and be clever on how to store your items.

37.png PVP Arena: Players who like to PVP will be thrilled to find out that we have an Arena where players can compete for IC Tokens. As of writing this, the Arena isn't fully implemented yet, but very close.


37.png Custom Loot: There are tons of ways to make money. We had to add in rewarding players for slaying monsters.... Or players. Monsters will have a small chance of dropping Industrial Coins, while Killing players will have a higher chance of dropping Tokens. Beware though, if you're killed, money will be lost! D:

37.png Staff and support: As the Admin, I have to say, I've been working tirelessly on this project, along with Fellow admins ZenithMKII, Isaacmo, and Totoseigh. We're here to help you with your server experience. But do not be fooled, we are very busy, and if the problems you present are trivial or if you present them poorly, we cannot help you. Also, I have a very low tolerance for abuse. Abuse towards any of my players, or Abuse to any of our features.


Well, if you're still reading, I'd highly recommend joining the server and taking a look for yourself.

Our community is very small right now, seeing as we just recently launched, but we have plenty of room to expand. Hopefully we'll meet on the server.

Staffing Needed

Due to the number of new players coming and going, I'm going to be needing a small group of staff members. We will need an application, where you will post here in this thread. Your application will be reviewed, and we will contact you if you get a position. Any harassment or urges to review your application will not be looked kindly on.i

  • Before posting your application. It is expected to use correct grammar and punctuation.
  • You must be older then 16.
  • Take into account that when you become staff, it ever, you main priorities will be assisting players. In fact, staff isn't allowed to make any Creations. Your sole function on the server will to assist all players on the server.

All staff applications are handled here, and ARE NOT ALLOWED to be talked about in the server. I will not be harassed for a position, as I am a very busy person often dealing with multiple problems at a time. DO NOT let me catch you harassing me for a staff position, as it will garentee that you will not be getting a position, or even worse.. Ban. Depending if I'm in a frustrated mood or not.

Bottom line if you start spamming the server admins for us to review your application, you're probably not going to get it.




Are you available to use Skype:


Hours of your regular online times:

A small introduction of yourself:

What are your skills: (E.G Plugins, ComputerCraft, Moderating, Building

Proof of these skills: (Example Media Here)

What do you prefer: Popularity from the players or Interest of the Server

Decision making Skills

You see two players arguing. You go to investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of the other's creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem?

Player A wants to Donate 15$ to the server. You see that I'm not online. You know how to set up the rank and know my email. What do you do?

(Factor the rules of my server in this one)

You see a younger player being raided. He's crying and pleading the raiders to stop, but they don't show any signs of stopping anytime soon. How do you deal with the situation.

(Factor the rules of my server in this one)

You invited your best friend to the server. You see him get into a dispute with another player. How do you deal with the situation, and what do you do if that solution does not work.


I want to thank all players who participated in the creation of this thread. Also a big thank you goes out to Whicked for his brilliant work for the spawn town. I also want to thank all the Modders that made Tekkit happen, without your brilliant work, I could not be hosting this awesome server. Props go out to the Technic Forums, allowing me to connect my server to this very awesome community. A huge thank you to ZenithMKII for babysitting the beginning stages of our Server. Isaacmo for helping advertise. Thank you guys.

For any questions or assistance, please contact me Via Skype at Malice.red

Please title your friend request with the subject you're wishing to contact me with.

And don't forget its..


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I've been to my share of servers and its hard to find a Minecraft server but when i came to Broventure it was different from all the other servers. its a server without those kids constantly arguing and with an admin who acctually cares about how its run and in my opinion the broventure time server is Awsome. ANYONe reading this should think about trying it out have a change for once.

Brovahkin Completechaos

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bugged server, items not dropping. cant get rid of items. warps dont take you to where they say. someone needs to fix bugs first then maybe it would be worth while. others have said that it happens often where server bugs out and not drops items.

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bugged server, items not dropping. cant get rid of items. warps dont take you to where they say. someone needs to fix bugs first then maybe it would be worth while. others have said that it happens often where server bugs out and not drops items.

I hope that you know that Tekkit doesn't always work completely in sync with all of the Bukkit Plugins. Calling my Server "Bugged" is fine. Because bottom line is, all Tekkit servers have bugs. Hell there's tons of Item dupe bugs.

Seem you forgot something in your post though. I quickly respond to any bugs and provide fixes.

Now, on note of your statement "warps dont take you to where they say". You haven't read the information posted in my server. Please do not spread misinformation based on ignorant statements like this. Good day sir, hope to see you again soon.

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This server actually has trees! It has an awesome friendly staff and a great owner, and an awesome build! The rules are good, This is by FAR THE BEST TEKKIT SERVER IN THE WORLD!

Minecraft Username: Slenda_Da_Man_

Thanks for saying so. I'm not going to give some half assed bs speech about how my server is high quality. But I do work hard to get people hooked. And coming back for more. This is true facts. Thank you for your kind review sir.

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Do you have Skype?Yes :Wildcole


Hours of your regular online times:Anytime i feel like i wanna play tekkit

What can you offer the server as a Moderator?: I can add many things to be shown like building new spawns or buildings being nice or helping the players out whenver they need a little advice on some things

You see two players arguing. You go to investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of the other's creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem?:Kick the person for grief then roll/create the building or destroyed item or creation.

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So I was on the server for about 4 hours tonight playing in a makeshift party with damonmensch and alexlem56. My overall impression is pretty good. I was immediately impressed with the spawn area. It's very nicely designed and quite striking. Unfortunately, you spawn on the roof. Many people logged on, only to jump off the roof to their deaths. This happened throughout the time I was on. For the most part folks were polite but quiet, except when the lag set in and everyone was having trouble collecting blocks they mined. This caused much cursing (not by me) and I eventually signed off. I think the admins had gone to bed, so there was no one to do a quick server reset or whatever might fix things.

The world seemed fine--no particular complaints and nothing overly amazing in the terrain I saw. My party found a nice cave with an abandoned mineshaft and began to collect goods, build basic machinery, and start to get organized. The party chat system is okay--certainly not as good as a teamspeak channel--but it gets the job done. The permissions system wasn't one I was familiar with, so it was confusing at first. Even with just three of us, assigning permissions for each item (furnaces, chests, etc) was a pain. Something things also didn't seem to naturally have restrictions while others did. Why is a workbench always restricted? That doesn't make sense to me.

Also nonsensical is the "wilds," where you first spawn, which seem to be not too wild at all. It's a frozen wasteland. Better to spawn in a forest or desert or pretty much any other biome than snow. Snow's useless and this one was all but devoid of trees--especially those critical rubber trees.

It isn't clear how things will progress. Will we be able to easily mob farm? Protect our party from other players? Build our dream machines and homes? No idea. I'll be back on tomorrow to continue the adventure and see if I can get a better feel for things. Since I normally hang out as a builder on a creative adventure server (mc.bornemania.com)--this is a pretty radical departure for me and I want to give it the full measure of time before I decide whether it is a long-term home.

Hit me up in game if you want to try to join our little band of misfits.

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Username : sammiesam55

Age : 12

Do you have skype? : Yes sambom9

Timezone : Central Europe time

Hours of Regular online time : 5-6 hours

What can you offer the server as a Moderator : I can help other by seeing whats happened like :griefing,a fight (like swearwords) But with worldguard/other protecting plugins

I got to learn that

You see 2 players arguing. You go investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of others creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem? : 1.Ask wich creation is from who 2. temp ban him for 12 hours 3. fix the creation that has been griefed.

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Username: FlyingInverted19


Do you have Skype? Yes my name is FlyingInverted19

Timezone: central

Hours of your regular online times: Weekdays 3pm to about 12am weekends 12pm to whenever usually past midnight central time.

What can you offer the server as a Moderator? Im very creative, a great builder and am very good at solving problems

You see two players arguing. You go to investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of the other's creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem?

1. ask why

2. make the player how destroyed it give the materials back

3. ask the player if they need help building it

4. then give advice as to how they could protect their plot to prevent this from happening again.

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