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Extreme Latency Issues - Tekkit Legends Private SMP Server


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Good day to everyone on this forum, shame I have to start off my first post with an issue report.

Friend of mine recently decided he wanted to buy a private whitelist server for a close circle of friends to play Tekkit Legends on, it's been about one week and things are all sunshine and rainbows. Well, mostly.

An issue I've been having for about three consecutive days now is that there will be massive periods spanning several hours where an extremely odd latency error occurs. The periods are completely random during the day/night (sleep is for the weak) during which every action I input into the server gets fed back to my screen with a 20+ minute delay. This is no ordinary lag.I wasn't sure whether or not to put this in the "bugs" section as it could be an issue on my end.

Symptoms are as follows:
- Other players can see my input (chat, block destruction, etc.) within a reasonable time frame (30-60ms of it being undertaken)
- Movement is possible, however it rubber bands back to my original position when the world loaded when I get too close to an unloaded chunk/chunk border
- Any input feedback is experienced after 20+ minutes, and often after the first input, there is no feedback even after an hour of waiting. For example, if I type "jousting clown narwhals" in chat, everyone else currently online will see it immediately, whereas I'll only see it appear in chat myself after 20+ minutes or not at all.
- This issue does not occur on public dedicated 1.8 vanilla servers
- Connection bar in-game is 3-5 bars

I'll continue running tests of what I can and can't do and edit them as soon as they're found.

I've checked my connection speeds via speedtest.net and it all appears to be functioning fine (20-30ms, 6-8mbps download speed, 0.5-1mbps upload speed). I'm told the server is hosted in Singapore and I live on the east coast of Australia.

With all this, the only thing I've deduced is that there's something screwing with the data that the server sends back to me. Not being a techwizard has led me to create this post to cry for help.

So yeah. If you know something, anything, please help me. I don't have money, but you can have my collection of dirt blocks.

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