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[6.0] [Map] Void Born - Technic map inspired by skyblock and its variations.

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the invisible blocks are very annoying I've played enough technic pack before and never had this problem, installed void born and now some blocks are invisible (transmutation tablet, energy collector, even the fences around the starting area,probably others too that s what ive come across so far)

weird thing is now i come back to my other saved files and the same blocks are invisible there too

found a partial solution and that is delete NEI.dat inside the saves folder) revisited my other worlds everything is showing up ok,

comeback to void born same blocks are invisible again, return to my other saves and the blocks are invisible again...

so I'm no expert but one thing is clear to me something within void born is screwing around with something in NEI...

hope this info helps others find a solution cuz this map looks great but this bug ruins it really fast

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if you want to go completely mysterious on the excruciating version the gravel is not needed. You can make that from dirt...because you already have the philosopher's stone

just a little suggestion to make a challenging map just a bit more challenging ;)

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Tzarnal, will this map work with the dev build (or do you have a separate one for the dev build)?

Just wondering because it looks like your gates use thaumcraft 1.

Thanks :D

nm, it's fun in 1.1 but I keep running into this bug that makes me unable to trade with the village because the person never comes. It took me about half an hour and a full re-install just to get the 'chief' to show up (Japanese village).

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It's impossible to get Flint and Steel (If you're aiming for that which I think you are.)

Philosiphers stone + bucket does not work in 6.0, so you can't go to the nether, can I just remove a flint and bucket to hack in a flint and steel? Unless this isn't a mistake and is intentional and I'm forgetting something.

dude there is a hidden chest at spawn with a stack of 32 iron blocks and you get flint from farming the gravel in the first chest

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