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Not allergic in the medical definition but I throw up if I have a plain tomato. I can eat ketchup and pizza sauce and red sauce and all that. Just not plain tomatoes.

Exact same thing happens to me. I think its the texture of them...

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Baked brie inside of bread with cinnamon and small amounts of sugar, baked, and then served with crackers, apple slices etc is delicious.

...That sounds like heaven in sandwich form!

Gouda, Swiss, American, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Limburger, Brie. There, that should make up for the deficit.

Whew, thanks for that. I was getting antsy

Damn it Double Post! :argh:

SimplGay, can you merge em?

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It's a long story and involves a lot of details I'm not comfortable posting here for various reasons.

We get by, anyway.

That fine. I understand. I'm more in Hushful's boat, I have plenty of money for food and necessities, but very little for luxuries like games.

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