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Well, well, well, you oh-so-spammy bastards. I can't believe you dared fill this thread so much without me around. School really does take a toll on my participation here. Damn, what have I missed now, a full-fledged cheese discussion, the fact Merchant is lesbian, and a sharing of our favorite smileys? Dayum.

Anyway, starting with the easiest, you should all get yourselves :

:iceburn: -ed

Now, onto the cheese... My favorite cheese-based recipe, my epic-three-cheesy-cheeses fondue of awesome (bread).

A big round bun o' bread, with a crispy hard crust, of about 450 g

Half a clove o' garlic

Half a cup of 'em alcohol-ish white wine

Some smelly nutmeg

White-oh pepper

4 oz o' hole-ish swiss cheese

2 oz of some hard cheese

2 oz of that semi-firm chees-OH

1/2 a tablespoon of that cornstarch

1/8 cup o' MILK

ONE tablespoon of some fruity hard liquor (I like rum)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Lobotomize that bread, and keep the brains. Make sure soft bread crumbs are in neat little sticks.

Rub that garlic on a pot, and boil the wine. Reduce it to about the 2/3, and flavor with the nutmeg and the pepper.

Mix the starch with the milk in your MOM. Lol no, actually, in a bowl.

Reduce the heat (The wine pot) to the minimum (But keep ON) and add the cheese little by little without letting the whole thing start boiling. If it does, remove from the fire. Once you've added about half the cheese, add the cornstarch mix, and restart adding the cheese.

Add the drunk-magic and taste. Add seasoning to taste.

Heat the bread crusts in the oven for five minutes.

Pour the cheesy goodness in the bread crusts, and start the dipping. Better with friends, naked, and with dares on the one who drops his bread stick.

Okay, at least that's something.

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