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Now it does >:)

my quote is forever monument to a failure on your part in the department of smileys

You don't... Also, am I missing a reference here :russbus:. Oka

people have called me that before, yes


We need an admin to make one thread that has a list of all the emotes on this forum.
there is a smiley list though...
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That's cool that you feel comfortable enough to be public about it. A lot of people would just hide it. Also, who the hell hasn't played Oblivion to know what the Wabbajack was? Gouda (I'm gonna have to start recycling cheeses now)

You lose. No cheese recycling aloud ( I did that on purpose because you are aloud to do it but I don't want to hear it).

It's not like something I need to hide.

Besides, I have banning powers :P

There is no topic, nor is there a spoon or a u.


But there is a fork...

And technically the topic of "The New Technic Cheese Discussion Thread" is cheese.


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