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I am pretty new to creating a custom modpack (not to installing minecraft mods though)

So, I created my own modpack, by using a tutorial.

The problem is, that whenever i try to install the modpack, the following error appears:


Dropbox  link:


Link to my modpack:


Any useful help will be appreciated!

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  • Any time I see a "1.0" version I always remind folks to always increment their pack version number any time the pack data or metadata is altered.
  • You should be using a development environment (like my BareBonesPack) to build your pack. Dumping hundreds of mods in a folder and trying to start it up is a path to heartache and sorrow.
  • the file "MDK-1.7.10-" in your /mods/ folder is the Mekanism development kit and is only used by mod developers. It should be removed.
  • We will need a clean Launcher log. Delete .technic logs, open the Launcher, try to install the pack, let it fail, close the Launcher, pastebin the Launcher log.
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DropBox links should be changed thusly:

  • Change the "www" to "dl".
  • Change the "dropbox" to "dropboxusercontent".
  • Remove the "?dl=0" or "?dl=1" completely.

That being said, it is failing on unzip by the Launcher because one of your files likely has an odd (non-ansi-standar) character in a file name. Looking through it a couple times I wasn't able to catch it, but I only spent about 5 minutes. Good luck.

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