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[3.1.2] FCoFix™ Tekkit Pro [5k FFA PVP/Raid/Grief, Full EE, NO BANNED ITEMS] Reopening Soon


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As in no pvp between the people in the same group? Or what else would it do to be in a faction?

It'll just add a prefix of [faction_name_here] to the people in that group, pvp will still be allowed in the group.

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Oh wow, i had no idea the server was active again! played back in 2012 when you started it, glad to see it's back up :D Iv'e just got a few questions about how it's changed (sorry if they've been answered before). At what point during the month does the map reset? Is it the same seed? And does the player data get reset as well? Thanks!

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The server should be up late tomorrow. HOWEVER, if you want your house back, please message me on skype so I can upload the region file containing it. Our map is 50GB+ so uploading ALL the files again would have us down for another few days.

How to message me:

skype: rcmaehl

steam: rcmaehl

facebook: rcmaehl

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