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Constant night?

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Anyone got any ideas on a way to 'prevent' daytime, or ideally have constant night time?

I tried surrounding my world in a large black wool box in MCEdit, but the day still appears. Certainly something to do with draw distance I think (If you fly over to the wool wall - it appears, otherwise its not there).

I thought if I enclosed my world in a sealed box... no daylight. But I was wrong

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Mmm. Can't think of a way of doing this.

Cannot find any reliable mods to ensure constant night.

I know there were 'command' blocks in Minecraft (you had to request them in), but I don't think they had a 'time' function.

Those have all admin commands, including time set.

They're not in Tekkit yet though.

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I can surround the world in black wool, but as soon as you move out of draw distance, the wool disappears and the sunshine appears.

Anyway... it was supposed to be an 'off world' planet style build..... until it rained. Oh yea... need to kill that as well.

Time to back away

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The mod would need to keep it night. I don't want to have to keep clicking stuff to change the time. I can turn off weather in options.

If I had a super mega computer, with all draw distances maxed out... then the 'wool box' idea would probably work, but I just don't have the processor power.

Plus, if I ever decided to ship this map out to others - which is a possibility, then it needs to work on other peoples computers that may be of a lesser spec.

I have found a few mods that keep it constantly night.... but they are buggy and most of them 'break' something else in the process.

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Right-Click on a time of day setting in NEI's cheat mode and it will disable that time of day completely. Just only enable midnight and the moon should reset to the beginning of the night before the light levels start increasing again.

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