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What is really making me made is I just reformatted my computer so it's pretty much brand new. When I downloaded technic launcher it was fine and I downloaded Tekkit Legends it was working and I was like cool its fixed. But when I downloaded Tekkit the space one it freaked out and said it couldn't download some files and now none of them work. I feel like theirs a problem with there servers or something communicating because it works fine on my buddy's computer but not on mine and I know my computer has way more then enough computerizing power to run this game on the max.

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    • By ObliviousStranger
      I recently downloaded the launcher and afterwards Pixelmon Generations modpack, and when i click the play button it closes and reopens the launcher after it finishes downloading the "Minecraft assets" and i tried updating my graphics card, reinstalling the modpack, and even reinstalling the launcher to no avail. I could really use some guidance please.
      Here's the log:
    • By McNations32
      I will open the Technic Launcher and click play on any modpack, but the thing is, it will open for a split second then go back to the launcher, ive had this problem on a different computer a long while ago and I fixed it but I have tried alot and it still wont work
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      i did a long session of debugging, now its doing this weird bug where its in the corner. I have no idea what to do now. I appreciate any help!
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