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[1.0.11]iDream Voltz [PvP][100 Slots] [NOTHING BANNED] [NO LAG] Recommended |PLUGINS| FACTIONS <----


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i need something like essentials for mine D:

This isnt a post to ask about for server help, this is just a advertisement [form] to help my server out, if you require help you can PM me on these forums. Otherwise please don't ask for help on my forum post and even on others because thats not this section is made for.

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Name: Jesse

Username: iSlayzz

Time Zone: EST

Country: United States

Age: 15

Why We Should Pick You: I think you should pick me because I'm great at being mod/admin, I know almost all if not all commands, if you have worldedit i know all basic and some advanced commands. I've also been an admin on 2 different servers, a mod on 3, and a co-owner on 1.

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Name: Jacob Strati


Time Zone: Eastern

Country: USA

Age: 17

E-MAIL: Jacobstrati

Why We Should Pick You: Hello, I know your probably reading a TON of these a day, I know about the constant nagging of people asking for ranks in the server whenever you log-on. It gets annoying, so if you say no i understand and i won't nag you or anyone on the server

:). By the way your current staff is very trustworthy and reliable. My favorite staff member is Zombie Clown, he always helps anyone in need of help and is just enjoyable to talk too. If your looking for a member that should get a promotion, I think the whole server would back me up on saying that he defiantly deserves it. I hope that my experiance in Java could help improve the server in some way. I know that Voltz currently is not bukkit supported, which most people don't know(which gets kind of annoying). So I'm not sure if my experience will actually be able to help you much. Im assuming that you are also a programmer and have much experience in eclipse or whatever IDE you use because of your teleport plugin. If you accept me to be a Staff member, i hope that you and i could possibly work on a plugin or such that would help the server and make a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Thanks for your time, i hope that we could possibly code together and be good friends in the future.

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