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The Ban game


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Okamikk is banned for attempting to make people think that Helen Keller was a "stupid newbie" by placing her name as a caption to a picture of a stupid newbie. Be nice to the blind and deaf!

X's can indicate kisses. kisses often lead to snuggling. snuggling often leads to...noisy cuddling. Planetguy is banned for Innuendo in his avatar.

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Miniboxer is banned for having an undead magic user of some sort. Don't you realize how creepy those are?

He is also banned for not realizing that those are explosions. Snuggle at your own risk. (It's a bomb that explodes repeatedly as falling. I drew it for my mod, it seems like it should be self-explanatory.)

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Ok. I'm not going to derail my own thread so...

miniboxer is banned for being a small ass, mother fucking, bad ass boxer that beats the shit out of anyone who swears like a fucking sailor around him!

Oh wait... I should run...

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