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The Ban game


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freakachu should be banned for his hate of pokemon, silly hats, and being a cat with a plan.

okamikk should be banned for having that avatar for like 95% of his posting career here. Also for not living up to the inspirational role model assigned to his usergroup, Helen Keller.


theprolo should be banned because he is supposedly an owl but here is is posting in the day! Get your story straight owl!

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aritchey is banned for lieing about the rarity of slimes, they can now be found in swamps quite commonly.

Please conform to the rules of the game. I'd rather this thread stay open longer than if you keep posting like that. We have already been warned.

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Mr B28 should be banned for violating article 3 subsection 14b page 117 of the semi-official official unofficial expanded asimov's 3 laws for robotic looking things.

Specifically, "Thou shall not wear bling, even if it's a really cool belt that you may or may not have wrestled from hulk hogan himself."

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Torezu is banned because bearded orc-goblin thingmajigs are not allowed to drink chinese pistachio milk-shakes.

I know he drank chinese pistachio milk-shake when nobody was looking!

Besides, he seems way too bored to be alive.

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