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This Guy Made a Bad Server Post and I Made Him Racist: A Short Story


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The Sektur 7 Community is starting a Tekkit server today (March 29th)

We just found out about this modpack and we're gonna just jump into it

The only mod's we're familiar with are buildcraft, industrialcraft and red power so this should be fun

Me and Cid are the ones starting it up, you'll meet him in a bit.

To join we have one requirement TEAMSPEAK !

English must be well spoken or a primary language

We are expecting 5-10 players with about 3-5 active players (Not including myself of cid since we'll always be on pretty much)

This is being run on a dedicated server that we own in a data center.

Ok to wrap it up this is how you get in:

Leave a post here (I'll check this thread 3-5 times a day most likely more)

Once i notice the post i'll PM you the teamspeak IP

You will join the teamspeak and talk to us

If you seem like a guy we want to hang out with we'll give you the server IP and whitelist you

Hope to see you soon !

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Re: Sektur 7 Server With Teamspeak

This is a place to post SERVERS, not some weird hiring place for servers. You post when you have a server to post.


Boy this guy got hot under the collar!

[img width=900]

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