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Luke’s (Hopefully) comprehensive modpack making guide.


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i cant join any online servers on tekkit. for example if i try to join the pixelmon servers it says that i couldent join and i should try restarting the game :(


help will be greatly appreciated

what does this post have to do with this thread??


See the thread title : Modpack making guide. A guide on how to create a modpack.


The very first thing you should have done is contact the server staff instead of posting here.

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Hi Guys!

At Page 6 I found one with the same problem as me, but I checked all and its right:
Error extracting file tim-total-industrial-modpack-1.4.zip

So, I use 7-Zip, and packed as a .zip format, I renamed the forge mod to modpack.jar (And include liteloader as somewhere here in forum is told)
The directlink works (I directly get an download when open https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pq3l7kogbwec0k/TIM1.4.zip?dl=1

The Names of the files are correct (bin, config, Flan, liteconfig, mods).

So now I just dont know where the Problem is.
Heres the Technic Page of my Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tim-total-industrial-modpack.960544
I also tried already only to insert bin, mods, config. But same Problem.
An earlier Version (1.2) worked, but I cant see the differenze between both zips...

I tried to delete all in "bin" without the modpack.jar, uploaded again (with same method and all) and now get the negative percentage error...
I also tried now to renew the Forge-Universal, no change. It stops at 40% of unzipping.

Thanks for helping :)

And if this Post should be in an other topic, excuse me, I didnt find directly something like a "HELP"-Thread :D



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Link to Modpack edited.
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4 hours ago, Magiehammer said:

I have edited the Link, it should work now.

I've checked and worked it back to the Voxelmods/Voxelmap FOLDER in the mods folder. Remove that, and it should no longer be an issue. Also, please do get all your mods off curseforge.com or minecraftforum.net.

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