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Luke’s (Hopefully) comprehensive modpack making guide.

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Optifine! Optifine is very easy to add to your pack. Simply download it here and extract the zip. Now open your modpack.jar with winrar and drag the extracted files into the jar. Close out and save t

Thats not the right report. The FML report is far more informative on what mods conflicted, and if you suspect more than two mods are conflicting you should install and test the pack one mod addition

I am constantly reminding folks of this when they ask for help so I figured it might be good to remind new pack makers. The "modpack.jar" (especially when making 1.6.4 packs) is simply the Forge unive

Sorry but what do you mean by "modding"? If you are talking about just changing your client, I'm in the same boat. I have no idea how to mod my individual client :P Thats why I got into modpacks! Making a modpack is WAY easier than modding your own client plus you can very easily share it with friends!

Added pre-installed servers to the guide!

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Thanks again to SXScarecrow to adding to the guide with help with Liteloader and Voxel mods! He's adding so much to this I may have to rename this Luke and SXScarecrow's (Hopefully) Comprehensive Modpack Making Guide!

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Luke, you fucking earned your PAINS belt with this guide. Was able to piece together a modpack in less than 2 evenings.


Im honoured to have been of service. The funny thing is im not even done! I want to have more pictures of the hard to word steps and make a video too! I also want to add more tips and tricks to modpack building.

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Im fine with that. in fact, i kinda forgot how to do this because i now use technic solder to manage my packs. its more confusing but it makes updates so much easier to make! plus you can have multiple versions of your pack like tekkit does.

If anyone wants to set up solder with their pack then i could help but it is a long process and you will probably need to spend some money

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if you already have a site, then i think you could make a subdomain for free

With a good webpanel, it's easy to do that. I can shoot one off from my home server, and it's be ready in under five minutes. I freaking love Dreamhost.

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it's FORGE, but other then that i assume it's a very helpful guide. (haven't read all of it yet, FORAGE was bothering me.)

Thanks for catching that. Ill fix that spelling error next time Im on a proper computer.

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Thank you very much for this guide - as a complete newbie to this the FML section was extremely helpful (I would have tried to build a pack without it otherwise).

However, I have a few question I hope you can answer (I also hope this is the right place to ask).

1. What is Optifine and when is it used? I have heard that a lot of people like to use it but I don't know what it does. I can only assume (going by the name) that it optimises and fine tunes mods in order to work together properly something, but that still doesn't tell me if I need it or not.

2. To clarify the section I have quoted below (pictures removed) - does this mean that, in essence, you are just turning the .zip into a .jar but because of the software you have to extract and then recompress the files? I assume it needs to be a .jar to work with Java or something?

Once you download this, go into your downloads folder and place the file into your bin folder we created earlier. Now we are going to make one more folder in the bin folder. This folder is only temporary and we will delete it afterwards so it does not matter what you call it.

Right click on the file and then click “Extract Files...”

Next set your destination folder to the folder you just created and hit “ok”

Now go into the folder. You will have a massive amount of files. Press “Ctrl + a” to highlight them all. Right click on the highlighted area and press “Add to Archive” setting the destination folder to the “bin” folder.

Now set the compression to “.zip” and name it “modpack.jar” then press “Ok”

4. Once created, do we add our modpack as a subfolder in the .technic folder? If we do then will this come up as an option in the list once the launcher has loaded? Or do we launch it another way? (If you explained this somewhere then I have missed it and I apologise)

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