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[1.0.1] HexThis! [24/7 - Whitelist - PVP - Economy - Towns] [Adults][ No dim doors]


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Age: 17

IGN: Lorek_Selerio

Timezone:United States Eastern

Why do you want to play on the server?: My friends and I have just started playing Hexxit and would like to team up. So I'm on the search for a server so I don't have to host it. I saw this one has neat plugins like hero's party and anti-grief. I also noticed you guys want mature people and that seems to be a rarity these days. More over I want to help benefit the server as well as have fun.

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US East (UTC - 5)

Why do you want to play on the server?:
Looking for a decent hexxit server as I have been loving the modpack, and would like to find one that is mature and hopefully helpful as it has been forever (since early bukkit days) since I have actually played on a multiplayer server but due to how much I am enjoying hexxit and how much better it seems it would be with multiplayer I am looking for a server to join and have fun without all the drama and griefing of some of the public ones.

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I would just manually type it. It shows up in your box everytime anyhow, that way you don't have to deal with losing your way points.

uh, no. there is no difference between me manually typing an address and having it in a list. and as I use multiple servers not just yours, i'm not about to not use the server list as its designed for.

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This is a problem with the way mini maps store way points. They are done based on the connection IP so when you shift between the two as far as the mini map knows they are different servers and therefore have different way points.

EDIT: its not a difficult process so you if you want I can outline how to copy points between servers.

and if you want the waypoints to be shared, you can go to the configs and simply copy it from the one to the other :) then your problem is solved, personaly i dont need waypoints so far, i live on an island chain XD and everything i could need is just a few hundered blocks away, it extends through 4 biomes :) that i have explored so far ;) more to explore up north

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Hokay! You folks have been whitelisted, Welcome to the server!

Anyone under 18 starts their 2 week trial, but that's honestly no biggie.

Again, PM me with any questions or pop into TeamSpeak to get a quick answer!

Have I been whitelisted yet?

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so pack up and move within what distance of spawn?

Yeah, we set world borders, but we didn't know how far the farthest person was, we'll keep expanding to accommodate, no one has to move. Also the server was down because the provider didn't tell me they were moving datacenters.

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Hello! I've been looking for quite a while to find a server that only accepts mature people. I'm 27 years old, I've been playing minecraft ever since alpha. My experiences with minecraft mod packs are: early tekkit, feed the beast and now hexxit.

IGN: altie

Time zone: GMT +1

I have no experience as mod or admin.

I have mumble.

The main reason why I would want to join your server is because of the bad experiences I've had so far with no white list servers. Immature and rude people, lots of griefing and basically just a bad atmosphere that makes me run to single player again. I'd like to find a server where I can feel at home and enjoy the mutliplayer side of hexxit.



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