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[1.0.5]ENDERHEXXIT ~40 Slots PvE~ Whitelisted Towny Economy Based


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40 slotted PvE Hexxit Server Hard Mode

We strive to use as little plugin support as needed. By honoring each others homes and not invading them and we turned off teleport/spawn functions and walk/run places(we fell that /home,tp,tpa and the likes is game breaking and doesn't provide the economy with much in the way of travel costs). We also have have PvP turned on for friendly fire reasons in dungeons. Makes you think a little more in a fight. PvP'ing outright is discouraged. We have an arena for disputes. The goal is for folks to find a niche and fill it and help us build.


Server Stats-

~WHITELISTED-enderworld.enjin.com to sign-up(takes about a day)

~If you plan to grief on the server we will just remove you and roll a backup

~PvP is turned on for friendly fire reasons in dungeon fights but it is not encouraged

~IP address is found @ enderworld.enijn.com

~Very few plugins on the server and its mainly for either admin control or eco system

---<ASHOPS> for players when you become a regular players

---<Itemframeshop & Quickshop> for admins to place around towns

---<essentials/groupmanager> admin stuff

---<worldguard/worldedit> more admin stuff

--- there might be a few more added or removed as needed for the server economy

--- Property management TOWNY ADVANCED

---- Trial members are new comers to the server and depending on how much effort they put into building the economy and city will depend on how fast they get updated to members status

---Trial members can buy/sell from shops and join towns or build in the wilderness

---Members and own towns and setup shops w/ <ashop> plugin



-enderbow(its broken)

Disabled Items

-crafting DIM Door stuff

--FYI you can find them and use them but not make them

--we also use it as map movement (instead of multiverse portals and tp's)




DONE-mob arenas



-renewable dungeons

-ADMIN enchanted items for trade for going thru the adventure maps created

-battle arena

-spleef arenas

-paintball arenas

-race tracks

-dungeon mazes

-rank perm buying in game


-If you run adventure with Coffee_nutz he might be recording the video for youtube FYI


---TheMalkav(former Marine)

---Burntime69(former Army Grunt)

expect them to be blunt a sound hostile... they arent its just how they sound get over it.

They are very good at server maintaining and breaking the mods to stay functioning so its worth the drill instructor attitudes you get from them.

Here is a video from me just starting one of my adventures...

Coffee_Nutz ep1-3 - Main Hexxit Server - 1.6.2 Enderworld Mod Pack (WIP) You'll have to learn fodge modloader for this server and its open to the public for now (the mods change so you'll have to DL and keep envolved until we settle on a product)

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Not sure if this is the best place to respond, but I like playing on the server. However it is frequently down. I have a enjin account and check the page there, but I don't see any forums on that page.

Is there a place where we can see what times the server should be up and whatnot and/or to let the owner/admins know the server is down?

Btw, thanks for a great server

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I don't know what you mean by frequently down. Only times it goes down is for rebooting/editing and its very short lived. If you r talking about the website just send themalkav or burntime69 a message directly there was a power outaged for half a day there due to the storms in the area other then that it's up 24hours 7days a weeks. the minute it goes down just message on the main thread and the admins get an instant email to thier phone nad once they can they log in remotely and fix it.

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I always enjoyed smaller communities far more then the others.

This one seems like one of those servers that deserves more attention, but would be better left alone from the public. So anyways, may I asked to be whitelisted so that I can share my time with you folks?

My IGN is MoltenLemon. See you soon, hopefully.

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