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Making a timer to mimic the behavior of the timer from RP2 is non-trivial.

You can configure a PRC to give you the same behavior as a RP2 Timer fairly easily as long as you don't want a timer value over 255. However, the PRC is kind of pricey early on.

You can make a cheap CC Computer and write a simple timer program fairly easily... IF you are a programmer. If not, this is pretty high bar of entry.

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You can make your own redstone timer,

but I am guessing that you dont feel like figuring out how to make one by hand.

You can do it vanilla just not in the space of one block.

D R-> D

D <-R D T

D = redstone dust

R = repeater,

->, <- = directional indicators for repeaters.

T = the spot where you put down a redstone torch for only one split second.

You can change the length of the timer by adjusting the settings on the repeaters or by expanding the design.

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A piston is the repeating component of the Vanilla Timer setup. The fact that you can break/reset a redstone connection across a corner is the key to the setup.

One sec, I may have a screenshot somewhere. If not, the MC wiki has a section on redstone circuits.

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Basic clocks with redstone i know of. never really used them though. But what i was looking for was a timer to send a pulse out every 5+ min, for using in farms and such.

ill try looking into PRC, or the CC Computer API, should be that hard to make a clock if the basis for it is implementet allready. But dont know.

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Redstone timer via BC pipe network? Long loop of cobblestone pipe, a chest, a redstone engine, and 1 dirt block. Connect that pipe back to a chest and use a redstone engine to pull out of said chest. Have a single redstone transport pipe 1 or 2 pipes after the wooden pipe used to pull items. Connect either some redstone dust or rednet cable to the redstone pipe. Every time the dirt is pulled into the pipe loop you get a redstone pulse that is about 3 seconds long per block pulled through the pipe network. Use cobblestone cause you get about a 3 second delay for each pipe used.

For example:

A loop made up of 38 cobblestone pipes, a chest, redstone pipe, and wooden pipe, gives a delay of about 120 seconds, or 2 minutes between the start of each pulse. Each pulse is about 3 seconds long. So the redstone signal is on for 3 seconds and off for 117 seconds.

So for 5 mInutes, or 300 seconds, you'd need a loop of 98 cobblestone pipes, 1 redstone pipe, a chest, and a wooden pipe. That would give you a signal length of still about 3 seconds, and a delay of about 297 seconds. For a total of 13 glass blocks, 22 cobblestone, 2 redstone, and 10 wooden planks. Plus the cost of 1 redstone engine(or autarchic gate in pulser mode) and a lever or redstone torch.

Main drawback to this is the sheer size of the device. It takes up a lot of space with all the pipes. but at least the pipes do not need to be horizontal. they can twist around on several levels before connecting back to the starting chest. And can be buried underground.

I've run one of these in fast mode using gold instead of cobblestone for a 6 second timer. and it has as little, and in some cases, even less lag then even a minecart timer. making it far smoother running then a redstone dust/repeater clock OR a minecart clock.

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heh, yeah, it does get a bit ridiculous in size when you want a long duration delay. but by that point, you've probably figured out how to make a simple computer craft program. Although, computers are not quite as funny to look at as a huge mass of looping buildcraft pipes.

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